10 times Kim Kardashian sнocκᴇᴅ because she didn’t wear underwear on the street

Kim Kardashian often does not wear underwear when appearing in public places. The reality TV star received a lot of criticism for her oғғᴇɴsιvᴇ ʙusт hobby.

Kim Kardashian often does not wear underwear when appearing in public places. The reality TV star received a lot of criticism for her offensive chest hobby.


At noon on June 7 (local time), Kim Kardashian attracted attention when walking down the street in nude clothes without wearing underwear. The massive bust of the reality TV star appeared quite clearly through the body-hugging shirt, which made her receive a lot of criticism from internet users. This is not the first time Kim Kardashian has “forgotten” lingerie when appearing in public.


During an event in Los Angeles (USA) in 2016, Kardashian made many people “stunned” when wearing a see-through dress. It is noteworthy that the 39-year-old peach is not even wearing a bra. Many comments commented that Kim Kardashian looks ridiculous and offensive.


During a dinner at a restaurant with friends, his wife Kanye West only wore a white tank-top (sleeveless top, small straps) combined with short sports pants. The delicate material of the shirt made Kim Kardashian reveal her bust.


The mother-of-four has a special preference for tight-fitting tops and is made from fragile, see-through materials. Another time while attending an event with her husband, Kardashian continued to not wear underwear, making her bust appear quite clearly behind the silver coat.


Kanye West once revealed that he especially loves his wife’s hot hourglass body. Therefore, Kim Kardashian does not hesitate to choose outfits that enhance her figure. However, she has a habit of not wearing underwear on the street.


The 39-year-old star once received a lot of bad criticism when wearing a costume made of mesh material, showing off her entire chest in front of the media camera. Some people even commented that she looked like a “beggar” because the shirt not only penetrated but also torn quite a few pieces.


In the photo is a dress that causes “eye pain” worn by Kim Kardashian when going to dinner with her husband. The above outfit was severely criticized for not only revealing the first but also revealing the third round.


During the Hollywood Beauty Awards event taking place on February 17, Kim Kardashian became the focus of controversy when wearing a dress that exposed almost all of her breasts. With this outfit, the public continued to express their disgust and disgust with her objectionable fashion sense.


Kim owns a lot of body-hugging and nude models. However, she always “forgets” lingerie every time she chooses this shirt to appear in public places.


To promote her husband’s fashion brand, Kim Kardashian wore pants designed by Kanye West along with a see-through bodysuit to attend fashion week. The “thinner than paper” material of the shirt once again caused her heavy criticism. The mother’s hobby of exposing her body in an exaggerated way has never received praise from the public.

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