10+ warm moments BTS proved how insanely close they are by sharing food…and taking same bites

The BTS members have been together for over 10 years. Throughout the past decade, they worked together, ate together, and lived together. Their friendship has reached the point of being like family to one another, which is why they have no qualms about doing some of the most intimate things. One of those ways they show their closeness is through sharing food — and even some families are not as comfortable with each other as BTS is! Check out all of the “difficulty levels” of food sharing the members have achieved below.

1. Feeding each other

2. Sharing bread

3. Biting the same hotteok

4. Enjoying a singular fruit tart

5. Sharing their pizza cheese

6. Nomming on the same udon noodles

7. Drinking from the same can

8. Drinking out of the same straw

9. Biting the same watermelon

10. Eating the same rice cake

11. Eating the rice that fell

12. Biting the same ice cream

13. Trying the same rice cake soup with kimchi

14. Nomming on the same hamburger