11 times BLACKPINK was criticized for the ‘unacceptable’ outfits

BLACKPINK  is known for its charismatic concepts and edgy style. After receiving recent criticism for wearing clothes that are too “ꜱеҳy”, residents quickly spoke up in defense of BLACKPINK, arguing that there was nothing wrong with their looks and bold fashion style. Check out some of the outfits below that critics say are “overkill” – but others say are absolutely amazing!

1. Jennie’s blue outfit on “Born Pink” tour

Jennie stunned when wearing a baby blue baby crop top and tiny denim shorts.

Jennie | @jennierubyjane / Instagram

Pleated skirt, similar to a sarong, inside are jean shorts and protective pants.

@jennierubyjane / Instagram

With the complete outfit, she looks like a fairy!

@jennierubyjane / Instagram

@jennierubyjane / Instagram

2. Rosé’s black dress with a bold cut

Rosé looked chic in her gorgeous gown at the  LACMA Art + Film Gala.

Rosé |  @rose_are_rosie / Instagram

She showed off her shoulders and collarbones in a sleeveless neckline, creating an elegant look and showing off her slim waist with the unique tailoring of the dress.

@rose_are_rosie / Instagram

| @rose_are_rosie / Instagram

3. Jisoo’s embellished “Born Pink” World Tour outfit

Jisoo recently rocked a 2-piece crop top with nice embellishments along with a blue plaid mini dress.

Jisoo |  @sooyaaa __ / Instagram

The gorgeous detail along her neckline  is the perfect highlight!

@sooyaaa __ / Instagram

@sooyaaa __ / Instagram

4. Lisa’s Denim Dress in “Shut Down”

Lisa rocked a super short denim skirt in the music video with a unique shape in the front.

Lisa |  @lalalalisa_m / Instagram

The dress has a “liberal” part, adding more charm to her.

@lalalalisa_m / Instagram

5. Outfit in Jennie’s “Ice Cream” MV

BLACKPINK’s stylists received a lot of criticism when they let Jennie wear a short crop top that геᴠеаled her ᴜndеrwеаr.

She was also wearing a pleated skirt so short that she had to wear protectiveshorts underneath.

6. Rosé’s semi-transparent Saint Laurent dress

Rosé flaunted her stunning figure in a sparkly tube dress “Strapless Tube Dress in Mesh with Feathers”  by Saint Laurent.

She stunned at the Pre-Oscars event organized by Anthony Vaccarello and in the photos on Instagram she posted.

@rose_are_rosie / Instagram

@rose_are_rosie / Instagram

7. Jisoo in a red Dolce & Gabbana corset dress

Jisoo showed off mature and creepy vibes in an all-red outfit.

@sooyaaa __ / Instagram

The carefree combination of cardigan and ꜱеҳy outfit creates a cohesive look that enhances her irresistible charm.

@sooyaaa __ / Instagram

| @sooyaaa __ / Instagram

8. Lisa’s in“Lilifim” outfit

With tiny shorts and turtleneck boots, Lisa showed off her stunning figure during her iconic dance.

Her perfect look compared to her usual self, showing off her body lines when she danced as well as her endlessly long legs.

9. Jennie’s “Pink Venom” denim outfit

Jennie confidently rocked the one-piece denim outfit with slits and deep chest in the MV.

@jennierubyjane / Instagram

The tiny shorts are the key point of the song’s main choreography!

10. Lisa’s Celine in “Pink Venom”

Lisa’s геᴠеаling overalls and high slit crop top showed off her ƅᴜtt.

The look is a combination of ꜱеҳy and alluring!

11. Jennie’s see-through top and Calvin Klein ƅгɑ

Jennie paired the see-through top with a Calvin Klein ƅгɑ to make it the focal point of her outfit.

@jennierubyjane / Instagram

She shows that you can layer different layers for a glamorous new look.

@jennierubyjane / Instagram

@jennierubyjane / Instagram