14 sнocκιɴԍ sᴇcʀᴇтs about the Kardashian empire: Self-made sᴇx tapes, ᴀᴅᴅιcтιoɴs, lies about ‘cutlery’, which is тʀuᴇ?

Along with fame and wealth, the powerful Kardashian family startled the public with ʀuмoʀs and hidden sᴇcʀᴇтs, even the "super huge" butt that made up Kim Kardashian's brand was also placed big question mark.

“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” – reality TV show about the life and private life of the Kardashian and Jenner family is one of the programs that receive the most attention on American television.

However, behind the limelight is a series of sнocκing facts about this most complicated family from making sᴇx tapes, ᴀᴅᴅιcтιoɴ, plastic surgery, adultery, having children out of wedlock.. .

1. Kim Kardashian was released a sᴇx tape by her own mother?

According to the sharing, Kim’s stepfather Caitlyn affirmed that the program was built on his own reputation, especially after he won the Olympic gold medal. Meanwhile, Kim said, she joined this show after being suggested by a friend. However, many opinions say that from the very beginning, Kim was the focus of the Kardashian family’s cult show. In 2007, Kim was exposed to a sᴇx tape filmed with her boyfriend Ray J from 5 years earlier. Worth mentioning, the video was released just a few months before this show took place.

This “coincidence” incident raises the suspicion that Kim’s biological mother initiated this scandal when she personally revealed her daughter’s sᴇx tape to help her daughter and family members be known to the public.


The Kim Kardashian empire is full of hidden secrets.

2. Khloe pretends to want children with ex-husband Lamar Odom

The love story between Khloe and Lamar seems like a fairy tale in the heart of showbiz, but behind it are secrets that stir public opinion. The couple returned to the same house after only 30 days of knowing each other, but everything was not as expected. Khloe and her ex-husband officially “went their separate ways” after 7 years of being together. During her marriage, the 36-year-old female star once revealed that she always cherished the dream of having children with the basketball player. However, after her marriage fell apart, Khloe admitted that she made up the story. The truth is that she managed to not have children with her footballer boyfriend. Khloe used to have treatment to overcome her genetic predisposition to miscarriage, but then decided to stop.

“I was married. I knew my health wasn’t stable, so I tried to pretend. I had to stop treatment because our marriage had many other serious problems. I knew it wasn’t. I had to be in the right circumstances to have a baby and I hid many things because of him,” she shared.


Khloe and Lamar when they were still hot.

3. Lamar used to be addicted to drugs and girlfriends

Khloe herself later admitted on television that she tried to hide the secret from her ex-husband. She confided: “I lived a life that wasn’t meant to be. I had to keep it a secret every time something happened. I had to lie, hide, and get over it myself.” Even Khloe was forced to lie to her husband on her own birthday, but in fact, Lamar was “early hands on” with another woman.


Khloe always had to cover up her unhappy marriage.

In 2017, after a year of divorce, Lamar admitted: “If I had to reveal the thing that made me regret the most about my marriage, it would be the fact that I repeatedly dated other women. It’s not It’s the right thing to do. I wish I could have restrained myself more.”

Not only that, this basketball player is also heavily addicted to drugs, even seemingly dying from a drug overdose in 2015 at a brothel in the state of Nevada, USA. At that time, he was in a coma, suffering brain damage from lack of oxygen after losing consciousness. Khloe was sнocκed when she was told that Lamar had only four hours left to live. Previously in 2013, Khloe had prepared a divorce application but could not sign it. When Lamar got into an accident, she flew to her husband’s side when he was struggling with death despite all previous conflicts.

4. The world’s youngest self-made billionaire Kylie Jenner lies about lip injections

Kylie started pumping her lips at the age of 16. However, for a long time, Kylie Jenner hid this fact. She insists that she only uses make-up to help her lips look fuller. However, time later, Kylie Jenner admitted that she lied. She shared: “What if I admit to having lip injections? What will mothers think of me? The kids, my fans, they’ll think I’m crazy.”

“I don’t want to be a bad image in the public eye. I also don’t want you to have to pump your lips to make your face more attractive. But they will be more crazy when they know I lied. I wish I had. Could be more honest,” Kylie Jenner added.


Kylie Jenner once denied about lip injections

5. “Single” of the Kardashian family – Rob disappeared from the TV show for hiding a truth

Rob, the only son of the Kardashian family, often appeared on reality shows about his family, even had a part about him and his girlfriend Blac Chyna before suddenly “diving away”.


The Kardashian family used to weigh up to 136 kg.

Family members said Rob did not want to continue on the air because of weight gain. To make matters worse, Rob received a diagnosis of obesity in 2015 and was hospitalized several times. At one point, his weight reached 136kg. Many people believe that the cause comes from an emotional problem between Rob and his girlfriend.

Just a few months after being hospitalized for treatment, Rob again announced that it was Chyna who had cured his obesity: “She told me that my obesity would go away if she cooked for me. And that’s it. It really happened.”

6. Supermodel Kendall struggles with depression

On the catwalk, Kendall can make waves thanks to her outstanding beauty and talent, but behind the limelight, she has to endure a life of suffering because of depression. The female supermodel once revealed that in 2016 she had to secretly fight stress and depression. The condition is so severe that it can cause Kendall to have a stroke or become paralyzed.


Behind the limelight is Kendall’s entire life of struggling with depression.

“I’m very scared because lately I often wake up in the middle of the night and can’t move. I’m tired of arguing with people because everyone says I’m fine, but I don’t see it myself. I swear to you one day I’ll have to be hospitalized for you to understand my condition,” Kendall said. Since then, the most expensive model on the planet has often practiced breathing exercises to help regulate her mind.

7. Kourtney’s ex-boyfriend Scott Disick went to rehab many times

Scott Disick suffered from alcoholism for a long time. In an unforgettable scene of the reality show the Kardashian family, he had to “finance” 100 dollars (about 2.3 million dong) to the waiter because he was not allowed to serve alcohol. In addition to the show, Scott is also a heavy drinker, who has undergone many alcohol withdrawals.


Kourtney is still happy with her heavy alcoholic boyfriend.

8. Kim’s husband – Kanye West has health problems

Kanye West had health problems after his wife Kim was robbed in Paris. He had to go to the medical center for treatment because he suspected exhaustion and lack of sleep.

According to TMZ, the male rapper collapsed due to a mistake in taking medication to treat psychological problems. Later, Kanye also admitted to taking medication because of a mental illness. The symptoms sometimes make him paranoid about everything around him.


Kim’s husband suffered from a psychological disorder for a long time.

9. The program “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” is accused of being fake

In fact, since its premiere, the show about the Kardashian empire has always been met with mixed opinions because of being accused of being fake. Many believe that a lot of the show’s scenes are staged and that the stories are just fabricated to attract viewers.

One of them is Kim’s overreaction when he lost an earring during a trip to Bora Bora. At that time, Kim’s ex-husband – Kris Humphries picked her up and threw her into the water and Kim got angry when she discovered that she had lost an earring. The whole family then had to rush to find one of these earrings for Kim. After that, many people thought that Kim did not lose her jewelry like on the air, but everything was just a fabrication for the show to add “spice”.


Kim was accused of exaggerating in a reality show to gain views.

Even the 3-month marriage between Kim and Kris is also said to be a staged product to increase the number of followers. At the same time, this basketball player’s “surprise” proposal had to be filmed twice so that the crew could record every angle. Of course, Kim’s family is firmly opposed to this allegation.

10. Kris Jenner’s mansion on the show isn’t actually hers

When this reality show started, everything revolved around Kris’ house. But in fact, this is not her house, Kris is not even in this house. Instead, she lives in another villa about 30 kilometers from this house. Kris’ real house was shown in the fantasy series “American Horror Story”, “тʀuᴇ Blood”.


Kris Jenner’s luxury mansion is also suspected of being fake.

11. Caitlyn hides her sᴇxual orientation and does Kris know it?

Before coming out, Caitlyn spent many years trying to “try” to hide her sᴇxual orientation in order to take on the role of “lineage”. She even had to participate in athletics competition for this reason.

When Kylie and Kendall were kids, they even caught their dad wearing a fancy dress in front of the mirror. That’s when Kendall secretly set up a camera in the room to spy on Kylie because she thought her sister stole her clothes. Unexpectedly, she accidentally paired the scene with her own father as the “culprit”.


After coming out in 2015, Caitlyn also wrote an autobiography about her years of hiding her sᴇxual orientation in the book “The Secrets Of My Life” released in 2017. Caitlyn admitted when going on a domestic tour to inspire For the audience after her victory at the 1978 Olympics, she often packed women’s clothes in her bag to secretly wear down the hotel lobby and be тʀuᴇ to herself.

And did Kris Jenner – Caitlyn’s wife – then knew that her husband wanted to come out for a long time? Reportedly, Kris then insisted that she didn’t know. Meanwhile, Caitlyn claims to have revealed this to Kris when they were still in love. Caitlyn also claimed to have shown Kris the location of her secret women’s belongings and made a deal with his wife.

12. Kim’s “Super hip” is real or thanks to cutlery?

Kim has repeatedly been accused of having plastic surgery to change her appearance over the years. However, Kim denied this, claiming that she only used botox. Kim also published her “super hip” X-ray photo to explain to the public.


Is Kim really a natural “super hip”?

13. Is Kim involved in the OJ Simpson trial for murder?

Before the Kardashian family became famous, they were entangled in one of the biggest cases in America. Robert Kardashian – Kris’ husband used to be an advocate for OJ Simpson’s when he was facing the murder of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

The case has caused the Kardashian family to separate because Kris believes his best friend Nicole has been murdered, while Robert insists OJ Simpson is innocent. But few people know that Kim’s name was called out in court.


The dad of the Kardashian girls once convinced you not to kill yourself.

After that, everything was revealed. After Simpson was officially the subject of the case, he snuck into Kim’s room and stole a gun, threatening to commit suicide. Robert counseled Simpson and begged him not to do anything foolish in his daughter’s room. That’s why Kim Kardashian’s name appeared in court. This incident was later reproduced in “American Crime Story: The People Vs OJ Simpson”.

14. Is Khloe really the Kardashian family?

Just like Kim’s 3rd round story, Khloe is always suspected of not being related to the Kardashian family. The reason lies in the fact that Khloe does not have many similarities with sisters Kim and Kourtney. Public doubts Robert Kardashian – ex-husband Kris is not Khloe’s biological father. A conspiracy theory has emerged that OJ Simpson is Khloe’s biological father. Of course, the Kardashian family has always denied it even though the rumored news never stops.


Are Kim, Khloe and Kourtney really sisters?

After being released from prison, OJ Simpson shared about this on Twitter. “I consider Robert Kardashian like a brother to me. He’s a great man. But he and Kris had a bad time together. Unfortunately, everything after that. But I would like to reiterate that, I have never had any intention of having an affair with Kris and have never heard of any information confirming that she likes me. “The rumors are spread. I’m so proud of Khloe and her sisters, just like Robert. And of course, Khloe is not my child,” OJ Simpson asserted.


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