15 of the most romantic Taylor Swift Songs that 100% put you in your feels

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Many people feel enough love and joy in the air to put on their best dress and dance in the rain without fear. Others feel as if they’ve gone to Coney Island and are sitting on a bench, wondering where their significant other is. But, whether you’re going to shake it off alone or with your lover, one thing you can always count on is Taylor Swift songs to capture the romance that is supposed to accompany this iconic holiday.

Swift, who has experienced love, joy, heartbreak, and loss herself, is one of our generation’s most notable songwriters to accurately capture what it feels like to find “the one.” Obviously, as a Swiftie, I took on the seemingly impossible task of ranking the most romantic Swift songs.

“Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)” by Taylor Swift

“Mary’s Song,” written when she was just a teenager and knew nothing about love, depicts the journey of a couple from the moment they meet until they marry and grow old together. “Mary’s Song,” with its peaceful guitar and the singer’s youthful and somewhat immature voice, captures Swift’s innocence during her debut era. She was still dreaming of fairy tales and a never-ending love with no obstacles. This song is upbeat, but the aging theme in the lyrics makes it nostalgic.

Taylor’s version of “Fearless” —“Untouchable”

Some may be offended that I did not choose “Love Story” to represent “Fearless” in this list. And, while “Love Story” is undeniably one of the best songs on this album, having catapulted her to stardom, I believe “Untouchable” takes the cake when it comes to romance. Swift’s lyrics, like one’s feelings, became more complex as she gained experience as a songwriter, and “Untouchable” is a clear example of this transformation. In contrast to “Mary’s Song,” in which the couple falls in love and lives happily ever after, “Untouchable” is about a crush and the uncertainty of reciprocity. Swift’s crush is so strong in this song that it’s almost palpable. She comes apart. But it is also so powerful that she feels as if she is in heaven just being in his presence. “Untouchable” will make you feel like you’re back in high school, scouting the halls for your crush and hoping they notice you and feel the same way about you.

“Enchanted” — “Speak Now”

You may have heard the bridge to this song on TikTok, which was popular last year. However, while “Enchanted” was used in videos about heartbreak, this song is the polar opposite. This song not only perfectly represents the magic of meeting someone and being captivated by them from the first glance, but it also perfectly represents “Speak Now.” This song makes me want to walk through a field of flowers in a flowy dress, pretending to be a princess or a fairy. It’s witty, powerful, and endearing. Few songs capture love at first sight as well as this one. Whether or not the love in question is genuine, this song is unconcerned. However, it is more concerned with the magic of meeting someone and instantly connecting with them. You have no idea whether they are available or not; all you know is that you are in love, and the sensation is flawless, almost indescribable, and leaves you wanting more.

Taylor’s Version of “Red” — “Start Over”

“Begin Again” is almost an outlier on “Red,” an album that is happy, free, confused, lonely, and heartbreaking. Swift takes listeners on a journey of heartbreak throughout the album. Sadness, anger, nostalgia, and confusion are all addressed in “Red,” but as the album concludes, so does her heartbreak. “Begin Again,” the album’s closing track, is a realization that love is not meant to hurt, but rather to bring joy and peace. Swift moves on from her previous heartbreak in this song and meets someone new, so the cycle of love begins again. Although she expresses some hesitation and fear in this song (because she does not want to be hurt again), she eventually lets go and accepts that it is time to move on. This song is for anyone who has been heartbroken before, but has come to accept that the past is in the past. Swift’s optimism is embodied in “Begin Again,” a sentiment she has maintained throughout her career.

“You Are in Love” — “1989”

Nothing more needs to be said; the title speaks for itself. “You Are in Love” is a simple but powerful song about realizing you’re in love. Swift expresses in this song that when someone is in love, they can see it everywhere. Whether there is complete silence in a car ride or you spend the night with your significant other, the feeling of being in love is so overpowering that you often want to scream it at the top of your lungs, as Swift does near the end of the song. The production is straightforward, but the lyrics are so endearing that she captures the intensity of love.

“Call it What You Want” — “Reputation”

“Reputation” is arguably Swift’s most romantic album (yes, even more than “Lover”), so choosing just one romantic song from this album was difficult. But, when it comes to romance, “Call It What You Want” outperforms all of the other songs on “Reputation” because it addresses a subject that many of us avoid: our own flaws. Swift acknowledges in “Call It What You Want” that she is a complex person who has had many experiences she is not proud of as a result of her celebrity. Her new lover, on the other hand, accepts all of this and still loves her for who she is. After all, we all want someone to love us regardless of our reputation.

‘Lover’ — ‘Lover’

Choosing this song seemed like a safe bet, but after much thought, I believe “Lover” is a fantastic track to represent romance because it captures the essence of the album in a couple of minutes. The song “Lover” is so simple, yet elegant and wonderful. This song is about the simplicity of love. The lyrics deal with everyday acts such as leaving Christmas lights up until January or reserving a table for your partner. The concept behind this song is that with the right person, ordinary activities can become magical and memorable. This song is the ideal first dance song for your wedding.

“It’s Nice to Have a Friend:” “Lover” — “It’s Nice to Have a Friend:”

“It’s Nice to Have a Friend” is straightforward and to the point. It’s nice to have a partner who is also your best friend. “It’s Nice to Have a Friend” takes listeners on a journey of love, from the schoolyard to the church where a wedding is taking place. At the same time, it addresses a topic that not many songs do: how playful and joyful love can be. “It’s Nice to Have a Friend” also represents a transition in “Lover” from the sexual, passionate, and intense side of love to a more simple and pure side. This song is perfect for you if your partner is also your best friend.

“Invisible String” — “Folklore”

This song is for you if you have been a swiftie for many years, or if you have had your fair share of heartbreak and are in love again. “Invisible String” is a reflective song in which Swift acknowledges all of her heartbreak over the years. But she accepts and even celebrates them because they have all led her to where she is now. Accepting negative experiences and turning them into something positive takes a lot of maturity, but that is exactly what the singer does in this song. Even if the song isn’t about romance, it reassures listeners that what they’re going through is only temporary and that everything happens for a reason.

“forever” — “Cowboy Like Me”

Although it is frequently overlooked, “Cowboy Like Me” is a true masterpiece in which Swift showcases her songwriting abilities. “Cowboy Like Me” is a metaphor-filled story about two complex characters who fall in love despite their hesitation due to previous heartbreak. This song explores the complexities of two people and how all roads led them to each other. Simultaneously, the singer’s use of her lower register distinguishes the song as a mysterious yet intriguing ballad. “Now you hang from my lips like the Gardens of Babylon, with your boots beneath my bed, forever is the sweetest con,” is just one of the many brilliant lyrics that contribute to this song’s exceptional but underappreciated status as a love anthem.