15 times ꜱʋгɡегy to look like Kim Kardashian, is it worth it?

A Korean woman spends $60,000 on 15 plastic surgeries, hoping to become a perfect copy of Kim Kardashian.

According to the New York Post, Kim Kardashian inspired Cherri Lee to be beautiful in spite of herself. For Korean women, Kardashian is the most beautiful person in the world. Therefore, she wanted to be as beautiful as she was.

Meet the model who 'spent $2million to look like Kim Kardashian' | Daily  Mail Online

Cherri Lee shared her plastic surgery journey starting with eyelid surgery at the age of 20. Currently at the age of 28, she has undergone 15 “cutlery” times, including 3 Brazilian butt implants, 2 breast augmentations and a number of face correction surgeries (nose augmentation, jawbone reduction…).

Cherri’s appearance changes rapidly, making many people not realize that she is of Asian descent. “I look completely different than before. Many people mistake me for a Westerner,” she said.


Cherri Lee before having 15 plastic surgery. Photo:  New York Post.

In Seoul (Korea), Cherri works as a part-time English teacher. Because her income is not enough to meet her beauty needs, she needs financial support from her family.

In an interview on  South West News Service, she shared: “I never regret having plastic surgery, only regret not doing it sooner”. Cherri admits to being addicted to “cutlery”, but she believes this helps her make a positive change.

Phẫu thuật 15 lần để giống Kim Kardashian - Giải trí

Cherri Lee is not the first girl to turn herself into a Kim Kardashian clone. Previously, a woman named Jennifer Pamplona spent more than  500,000 USD removing ribs, injecting butt fillers to get an hourglass body like a mother of 4.

Jason Diamond – a plastic surgeon who worked with Kim in Beverly Hills – shared: “Kim is the face that is asked to be the most similar.”

“Kim has an amazingly beautiful face. Her facial features, especially her jawline and cheekbones, are more beautiful than most women on the planet. The proportions of her neck and chin are also very harmonious,” he said.


Kim Kardashian has the face and body proportions many people desire. Photo:  New York Post.

Phẫu thuật hàng chục lần để giống Kim Kardashian - Ngôi sao

However, speaking on  Medium, Kit Yarrow – psychologist, professor and author in San Francisco – likened the outbreak of the Kim Kardashian clone movement to an act of extreme, bigotry. Agree that Kardashian is the role model many people dream of, but not everyone is suitable to be another version of the idol.

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