2 ‘Terms of the century’ of the contract that Real Madrid prepared for Bellingham

Real Madrid has already started drafting the basic form of the contract that they intend to deliver to Jude Bellingham’s counsel in the next negotiating process. This document will be sent to the representation of Jude Bellingham. The whites are optimistic about the prospects that are currently available to them and are of the opinion that the aforementioned two aspects will be the determining factors in the potential move of the Dortmund player.

The English central midfielder is one of Real Madrid’s top transfer targets for the next summer market, and the club has placed a high priority on getting his services. Real Madrid will be participating in the forthcoming summer market. They are willing to make a large financial investment in the football player Chamartin and have constructed a contract that cannot be questioned in any way, shape, or form.

They are aware of the competition that exists in this particular form of transfer in the capital, and in order to differentiate themselves from the competitors, they want to incorporate factors that make a distinction. As a direct consequence of this development, Real Madrid has incorporated two restrictions into the working version of the contract that they intend to sign with Bellingham.

Because this is one of the most significant anti-sheikh measures, the whites have arrived at the conclusion that the termination clause will be set at one billion euros. This decision was reached in light of the fact that the whites are in the majority. The whites are hoping that by making this move, they would be able to secure their footballer’s future and make it clear to him that this is a bet on the future.

In addition to this, the whites would like to include in the deal a well-known monetary bonus if they are successful in winning the Ballon d’Or. If Bellingham follows through with his desire to participate in the merengue project, he will be required to sign a contract that contains the aforementioned two restrictions. This obligation will only be removed if Bellingham cancels his participation in the project. If Bellingham truly takes part in the initiative, then and only then will this be the situation. The contract was written out in the white offices, which were the location of the business.

The white entity has been involved in a thousand fights that involved transfers of this kind, and it is well aware that the player’s decision can be affected by even the most tiny of particulars. The white entity is currently in control of the situation. Bellingham will be presented with a variety of offers from the major Europeans, and they will be tasked with selecting the deal that is the most suitable to fulfill the standards that they have established.

Real Madrid is interested in meeting the needs of the midfielder, and they believe that by participating in this draft, they will be able to persuade him that they are the best team to fulfill those conditions. They are attempting to improve their standing by making this contract available to their entourage in the hope that it will strengthen their position. Given the current state of the competition for English, the whites are not in a position that is particularly beneficial; however, they are trying to improve their standing by doing so in the hopes that it will strengthen their position.