20+ Small Wrist Tattoos Perfect for the Ink Minimalist

he wrist is a popular location for tattoos—and for good reason. While the wrist is small, it’s an open space with fairly straight lines, making it an easy placement for almost any design. Since it’s a part of the body that is sometimes hidden, wrist tattoos feel slightly more intimate than others, making them a good location for ink that’s personal to you in some way.

Whether you’re looking into getting a small wrist tattoo of an important quote or one that just makes you smile when you see it, here are 26 beautiful, small wrist tattoos to inspire you.

Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

Butterflies make great wrist tattoos, as they can be shrunk to any size. However, if you go for a smaller butterfly on the wrist, it’s a good idea to choose an artist who specializes in thin lines so you can pack a lot of detail into the design.

Sparkles Wrist Tattoo

If you want something a bit more minimal that’ll make a big impact, why not try a few sparkles? The design is only a few lines, but the differing lengths and ascending placement make the tattoo a bit more interesting.

Wings Wrist Tattoo

Tattoo designs that can be boiled down to a few simple elements make great wrist tattoos, as they stand out but stay minimal. This stunning tattoo, by second-year artist Gia of Heritech Social Club in Knoxville, Tennessee, makes the perfect minimalist statement.

Letter Wrist Tattoo

If there’s someone in your life you want to memorialize, or if you have a favorite letter of the alphabet, getting a small initial on your wrist is a simple but impactful design. Keep the font clean and crisp for a minimal look.

Floral Wristband Wrist Tattoo

While armbands seem to be more popular than wristbands, tattoos look great wrapped around the wrist. It’s like a beautiful, permanent bracelet!

Olive Branch Wrist Tattoo

An olive branch on the outside of the wrist creates a beautiful line that mimics that of the area between the wrist and the hand. Placing it here also emphasizes its connection to peace and “extending an olive branch.”

Wrist Tattoo Facing Outward

While many people get words on their inner wrist for a personal reason, placing the text facing outward makes it feel more for others. This message reminds anyone who reads it that they matter, and it’s easily read by other people.

Abstract Wrist Tattoo

Abstract designs look great placed on the wrist, as they tend to contrast with the rigid lines of the arm. Keep the overall design simple, like this one, for a minimal design that makes a major statement. Seattle-based tattoo artist Emma Eli gives each of their clients unique, one-off designs—if you’re interested in something similar, working with your artist on a custom abstract piece can be a memorable experience.