3 days countdown to Pink Venom MV, BLINKs ‘unsettled’ to afraid that new MV won’t be as expected

The comeback season of the four Black-Pink girls seems as indeterminate as some posters, simpler than "throwing text on jpg". But just after the first blackout of BLACKPINK X MUGLER, the BLINK community seemed to "explode" by a series of expensive images without knowing what they did well to enjoy this?

World tour + Schedule of countries


We all know, Korean entertainment has a tradition of attracting attention with teasing. If there is information about the world tour (world tour), the order of the fans will be: excited; praying that the concert will be held in our country; a beautiful day the schedule hits; disappointed; regain motivation to plow money to tour,…


However, when did the process go from hope to despair and was immediately overwhelmed with the panic “where is the money?” so brief?


“Unlabeled” costumes in MV


Photo: BLACKPINK X MUGLER is so excellent! (Source: Collector)








Starting with the teasing poster, the 4 visuals “awakened” the entire Blink community that was asleep in “Lovesick Girl” more than a year ago. Goodbye to the melodies that are always worn, the concept that burns eyes every year is now cold, the Blinks now have the opportunity to “scream” because the pre-release single Black Venom poster is so excellent! Not to mention the perfect visual, Mugler is teaming up with BLACKPINK to commit a perfect crime!

And of course, if it’s BLACKPINK, don’t ask the speed of “unpacking” the costumes of the 4 ambassadors! In addition to the name MUGLER being shouted at night, the origin of each item not long after the animated teaser was released has also been made public.


The opening outfit for the comeback season has a characteristic pink tone, combined by the stylist in a ton-sur-ton style, where each member is a mix full of personality and color without losing the common spirit. As always, JISOO is the one to open the teaser images. The design is in the RTW Spring-Summer 2020 collection of the Mugler brand. Meanwhile, JENNIE is said to be wearing a sexy bodysuit from the same brand. LISA’s outfit also includes a modified Mugler bodysuit, accented by a creative corset with a satin long tail. Finally, Mugler’s cut-out suit is shown boldly and clearly at ROSÉ with the number of layers reduced compared to the original design.


“Spotlight” belongs to the unique custom made waistand shoulder straps from La Cage. The highlight of the shoulder in  JENNIE’s outfit makes the girl even more powerful. It can be said that La Cage’s leather skirts are an appropriate auxiliary element to increase the drama of the costumes.


In addition, 4 black roses are also equipped with a set of pastel pink warrior boots. I have to say, the stylists did a great job in this sweet yet charming concept.








In the second teaser, the BLACKPINK girls switch from day to night mode with designs from Demobaza brand, evoking a wild feeling like hunters. The dark concept is still beautiful but not too new, reminding us of the “Lovesick Girl” era. In general, in the second concept, the stylist feels like they are going to war, the girls try to appear strong but inside is full of sadness and easy to break.

With the second set of concept posters, if you zoom in on the makeup of JENNIE, JISOO, ROSÉ, LISA, we will see countless lip piercings, rivets, glitter, silver, … “burning” girl-crush aura. However, in terms of the brand background behind the 4 cosmetic ambassadors with HERA, M.A.C, YSL Beaute, Dior Makeup, in addition to that, there is no small support from leading jewelers such as Chanel, Bvlgari, Tiffany & Co. ., Cartier, the layout we have is “brutal” but quite safe. It is not possible to choose a trend from the “trend setters of YG” for this massive comeback.


Are the four BLACKPINK girls who love their fans so much that they have to wait so long that they can’t stop filling the void in hearts that are already too “thirsty for music”?


Or conversely, as seen above, there are still a few small points that we are not satisfied with if we consider this as the return of world-class stars, or ambassadors holding a series of luxury brands. ,… Is the Pink-Black Bomb still coming back in time to wait until August 19 for a real explosion?

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