4 Black-Owned Brands

4 Black-Owned Brands Seen Sported By Stephen Curry During The NBA Finals

The NBA’s most prestigious award lists include Stephen Curry, but he is more than simply a force on the field. Curry, an investor and supporter of human rights, is promoting several Black fashion designers through his current NBA Finals appearance.

For NBA players, the tunnel walk has taken on the role of a runway. Designers believe that these fleeting opportunities are great for visibility and brand awareness because athletes are more conscious of their clothing.


Basketball players play between 80 and 100 games per season, he noted, whereas celebrities like actors and musicians attend only a few red carpet events. If you spread them out, they essentially have a red carpet every third day of the year, according to fashion stylist Ian Pierno, who spoke to the New York Times.

Take a look at the clothing companies owned by Black people that Curry has worn throughout the series thus far.


The Warriors suffered a discouraging setback in game one of the championship series. Curry, though, outperformed Richfresh by dominating both on and off the floor.

Designer Patrick “Fresh” Henry launched the Black-owned company Richfresh. At age 21, the Memphis native began his career in fashion as a tailor. But his tale would take several ᴜnexpected turns and eventually leave him without a home.

Fresh, though, took use of his low points to advance his ideas. He developed the concept for a Black premium apparel line while residing in a homeless shelter.He is now earning millions of dollars by creating and styling some of the biggest names in pop culture. Along with Steph Curry, Lena Waithe, Dwyane Wade, and John Legend are other figures on whom Henry has worked.

Ade Dehye

Imagine going through social media when a celebrity from your hometown who is a brand ambassador for your clothes company emerges on your page. Akintunde Ahmad had to face that as Steph Curry entered the tunnel before game two. Ahmad, the business’s owner, resides in Oakland. The company’s website states that the apparel line finds inspiration from all throughout the African Diaspora. Each piece is ethically and sustainably created in Ghana using materials acquired from the African continent, including fabrics.

In 2020, Ade Dehye launched by blending urban streetwear, premium design, and fabrics from West Africa.

Trophy Hunting

Call it athleisure or describe it as a fit for game days. Whatever her preference, Steph entered the Boston Celtics arena wearing a Trophy Hunting travel suit and was prepared to take on Jayson Tatum and the team. The brand’s development, according to the proprietors, is the epitome of the “Winners Lifestyle.” The apparel company has a history with the NBA. With the help of Karl-Anthony Towns, Devin Booker, and D’Angelo Russell, Trophy Hunting developed the Friends & Family Collection in 2019 and produced a t-shirt and hoodie just in time for the season.

Other noteworthy individuals spotted wearing Trophy Hunting included Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns and musician Jay-Z from New York.

Michel Men

Although Michel guys’s clothes is intended for guys, a Black woman founded the company.

Whitney Michel, the company’s founder and CEO, is a first-generation Haitian American designer. The “New Americana,” as Michel refers to her art, attempts to “redefine American menswear by creating modern, minimalist, and elevated approaches to classic men’s staples.”

Michel is building a name for herself in the fashion business by appearing in prestigious publications like Vogue, GQ, and Esquire. When Curry entered the arena while donning a baby blue cashmere cardigan from Michel Men, that mark increased slightly. Curry has remained mum regarding the justification behind his attire selections for this finals visit. But it appears like he is making a conscious effort to give Black-owned businesses the credit and backing they merit.

We’ll be watching to see which further Black-owned designers he chooses to present next.