400 days ‘stuck’ & the worn life of the former golden boy of Spanish football

The Spaniard is gradually being forgotten when he "disappears" in the Real Madrid shirt. After spending a long life at the Bernabeu, the Spanish star is helpless to find a destination.

“Isco is still a free man. No news” – the headline appeared “quietly” in the Marca newspaper yesterday. It evokes the sad story of the once talented midfielder of Spanish football. In the past, Isco appeared as a romantic in the midfield. And now, he is drifting into oblivion. Each sad color is imprinted on the future of the 30-year-old star.

75 days have passed since Isco’s last match in a Real Madrid shirt. A game that doesn’t make much sense for Real Betis in the final round of La Liga. Eight days later, Los Blancos won the Champions League on a day full of joy. But for Isco, that title does not mean much because he does not play a minute.


Perhaps, Real Madrid fans are too familiar with the image of Isco “invisible” in the club’s victories. In fact, it’s not that the 1992 midfielder didn’t realize his end at the Bernabeu. 

The former Malaga player is aware that, because his contract was not renewed, he will become a free agent in the summer of 2021. He didn’t opt to go, though, and remained at Real Madrid, living on the bench.


Since accepting to be “invisible,” Isco has lost a lot of value during the last 400 “dark” days (counting as of July 1, 2021). This hero only started three games in the previous season and contributed one Copa del Rey goal. 

Isco’s current market value, according to Transfermartk, is barely 7 million euros. He had had a price of up to 80 million euros when he was at the height of his form, which was four years ago. That figure demonstrates the top midfielder in Spanish football’s unrelenting fall.


The problem is that no club will accept the chance to help a player reach the other side of his career’s slope. The team most interested in Isco is Sevilla, although they haven’t made much strides in this transaction. Jorge Mendes, Isco’s great agent, has made several contacts, but no exit has been made possible. 

After 400 days of “darkness”, what is needed for Isco right now is to stabilize his spirit soon. It’s not that he can’t shine again, it’s just that the will and desire of this player has been buried for too long on the bench of Real Madrid.


Isco’s wish is to stay in Spain. Clubs like Sevilla, Villarreal or Real Betis could be ideal destinations. Or else, Mourinho’s AS Roma is also the right place for the 30-year-old star to start anew.

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