5 Celeb Pics to Convince You Tiny Heart Tattoo Is the Perfect First Ink

Are you still on the fence about getting a tattoo at last? If the lifetime commitment of having tattooed is what’s holding you back, we strongly advise you to look into a small basic design that you’re least likely to regret in 10 or so years. An illustration would be that a delicate heart tattoo is a surefire winner!

Even among celebrities, getting a heart tattoo is a common decision because it’s generally preferred. It is attractive, well-liked by all, and frequently has a romantic symbolism. A heart-shaped tattoo with a simple pattern is ideal for you if you’re a beginner or simply looking for a stylish and understated tattoo idea.

Want proof? We’ve listed some trendy celebs who will persuade you below.

1. Heart Evangelista

PHOTO BY instagram/iamhearte

On her left wrist, the actress and fashion icon has a straightforward shape of a heart that she got inked in September 2018. Heart Evangelista revised the image a year later, visiting a tattoo parlor with a buddy, and had it completely shaded in red. She shared, “Random day at the tattoo shop. This is what happens when you accompany your friend to get hers done. But I have to say, I love how it turned out!”

2. Sofia Andres

PHOTO BY instagram/iamsofiaandres

Sofia Andres has a really lovely watercolor-inspired rose tattooed on her rib area, but we really adore the delicately inked red-outlined heart on her right forearm. Every time she takes selfies and OOTDs in the mirror, even if it’s subtle and cute, it’s definitely apparent enough!

3. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

PHOTO BY instagram/rosiehw

The only difference between Rosie Huntington-tiny Whiteley’s heart tattoo and Sofia’s is that the supermodel prefers hers to be black and slightly slanted. Even the ink is situated in a same location on Rosie’s right forearm, just below the wrist. So trendy!

4. Anne Curtis

PHOTO BY instagram/annecurtissmith

Being a self-described K-drama fan, Anne Curtis had a heart tattoo on her left forearm during one of her trips to Korea. This is a sweet idea if you want to bring something back from your special trip that you can always remember! The actress chose a wonderfully sweet gradient pattern, replete with sparkling embellishments that the tattoo artist painstakingly included.

5. Hailey Bieber

PHOTO BY instagram/haileybieber

It’s no ꜱеcrеt that Justin Bieber is a great tattoo fan, and that he almost has body art all over him. However, his wife Hailey Bieber favors delicate, minimalist designs that are nearly impossible to spot unless you really search for them, in contrast to the singer. She has at least 19 tattoos, and one of them, on her collarbone, is a little heart with a black outline.

Other Ideas

The variety of meanings attached to one straightforward symbol makes heart tattoos beautiful. The heart is a universal symbol of love and life, but it can signify so much more with little special additions. A heart tattoo might represent love for someone who has passed away, a shattered heart, a healing heart, a relationship, a passion, or all of the above.

The heart tattoo is ideal since it looks stunning in both large and tiny sizes. Heart tattoos can be enormous and intricate or, more frequently, they are modest and covert. Try a modest hand heart tattoo or add this charming artwork to your finger if you are not ready to commit to a significant piece of art.

Heart Tattoo Designs

The outline of a heart can be quite simple or it can be filled with all the details of the things you love. See the original heart tattoo designs that are shown below to make your heart skip a ƅeat.

Small Ankle Heart Tattoo

Simple Heart Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Colorful Rainbow Heart

Family Heart

Sewn Heart Tattoo

Small Elephant With Hearts

Tiny Hearts On Ankle

Small Heart Tattoo

Unique Fingerprint Heart Tattoo

Detailed Lace Heart

Faith Hope Love

Love Is Love Rainbow Tattoo

Perfect Heart Tattoo On Wrist

Small Heart Tattoo On Finger

Heart Tattoo With Names

Bold Design Filled Heart

Always Tattoo + Small Heart

Red Filled Heart

Cute Heart Tattoo On Wrist

Arrow + Heart Tattoo On Finger

Heart Made Of Roses