5 Filipina Beauty Queens Who Love to Flaunt Their Impressive Tattoos with Deep Meanings

Beauty queens flaunt theirs on the pageant stage, and we’re all for it!

1. Bea Gomez

Aside from her powerful walk and wit, Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Beatrice Luigi Gomez’s statement armband tattoo is an eye-catching detail.

Beatrice reveɑled in a TV show interview that she received it on her 23rd birthday. An armband tattoo she chose to interpret it differently by making it a symbol for a new chapter in her life. “It [represents] the end of my being a ‘girl,'” she explained, adding that the cherry blossom detail on the design symbolizes her transition to womanhood.

Beatrice got three new tattoos on her fingers before flying to Israel for Miss Universe 2021. The meaning of the tattoos has not been reveɑled by the beauty queen, but her tattoo artist Boots Brandon has stated that it is a symbol for something in the beauty queen’s life.

2. Ayn Bernos

Ayn Bernos, a fellow MUPH 2021 contestant and content creator, was also one of the beauty queens who displayed her tattoo during the competition. Hers is worn on her left shoulder and features watercolor art in green and red. According to Ayn, the design of her tatt makes it only visible in certain lighting conditions. What an amazing illusion!

Ayn and other MUPH candidates also promised to get a tattoo inspired by Beatrice if she made it to the top five of Miss Universe — and she did! Ayn got a minimalist cherry blossom tattoo on her inner arm for her ink. Cherry blossoms represent beauty and transience, reminding you to enjoy every moment of your life.

3. Celeste Cortesi

Our Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Celeste Cortesi may have the most tattoos of anyone on this list. Her wrist, thumbs, bikini line, forearm, chest, and thigh are all tattooed! The Filipina-Italian beauty demonstrates that tattoos don’t matter if you deserve the crown!

She reveɑled in an exclusive interview with Preview that each of her tattoos has a deep meaning. For example, she inscribed her late father’s initials on the side of her heart to honor him. Her guardian angel is also represented by a feather tattoo on her collarbone. Her favorite flower, the forget-me-not, is represented on her bikini line as a symbol for those who are no longer with her.

4. Maureen Wroblewitz

MUPH 2021 first runner-up, Celeste Maureen Wroblewitz also has a growing tattoo collection. She has a small sun tattoo behind her ear, flowers on each side of her rib, and an aster, her father’s birth flower, on her inner arm. Maureen is a cat lover, so she inked images of her cats on her leg. Another tattoo that has us swooning is the moon ink on her nape! We assume it refers to her beau, JK Labajo’s, song Buwan, because Maureen appeared in the music video!

5. Rachel Peters

2017 Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters prefers to have small and simple tattoos. She has a simple crown design on her left arm (presumably a symbol for her pageant journey), and what appears to be geometrical art of the sun and moon on the back. Her right arm also bears several tattoos, including a bulldog face on the inner arm, a delicate palm tree ink, and a wave tattoo on her elbow, all of which represent her love of island life.