50 Cent family drama : All About Marquise and Sire

50 Cent shares son Marquise with Shaniqua Tompkins and son Sire with Daphne Joy.

50 CENT and Sire Jackson attend the Premiere Of STX Films' "Den Of Thieves" on January 17, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. ; Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and Marquis Jackson during Olympus Fashion Week Fall 2006.

50 Cent and Sire Jackson ( left ) and Marquise ( right )

50 Cent is a father of two.

The rapper, known by his birth name Curtis Jackson, welcomed his first child, Marquise Jackson, with Shaniqua Tompkins in 1996. In 2012, 50 Cent’s second son, Sire Jackson, was born to his then-partner Daphne Joy.

50 Cent entered fatherhood before achieving fame as a rapper. However, his relationship with Marquise has been fraught with turmoil over the years. The father and son have been estranged for an extended period, with much of their conflict unfolding on social media. This tension came to a head notably in 2018 when 50 Cent left a troubling comment on his eldest son’s Instagram post.

On the flip side, 50 Cent appears to share a close bond with his younger son, Sire, as evidenced by numerous photos they’ve shared together over the years. In 2019, he commemorated Father’s Day with an image of himself and Sire, captioned “Best Friends Forever!”

Presently, 50 Cent is pursuing sole custody of his 11-year-old son, citing allegations made in Rodney Jones’ March 2024 lawsuit against Sean “Diddy” Combs, which claim that Sire’s mother, Joy, had engaged in sex work. This information was disclosed by a representative for the rapper. However, later that month, Joy accused her ex of physical and sexual assault, although 50 Cent’s representative rebutted the accusations as “false and baseless,” as reported by PEOPLE.

Here’s an overview of everything regarding 50 Cent’s two sons.

Marquise Jackson, 27

Marquise Jackson.

50 Cent’s eldest son, Marquise, was born in October 1996 to the rapper and his then-girlfriend, Tompkins. The “In Da Club” artist and Tompkins were in an on-again, off-again relationship during the ’90s before ultimately parting ways. Their separation led to an extensive custody dispute over Marquise, with an official arrangement not being reached until October 2008.

During the custody fight, 50 Cent told MTV in the summer of 2008 that his relationship with his son was “changing because he and his mom aren’t friends anymore.”

The artist added, “There’s different channels I have to go through. He has lawyers appointed to him through the court. So I have to talk to his lawyer to get things situated for me to actually get him. The relationship between my wallet and his mom has changed. When people have expensive habits, it’s a hell of a transition for them when that money is not there anymore. She said all kind of things about me I never would expect.”

50 Cent and Marquise Jackson.

As per the official custody agreement, 50 Cent was granted visitation rights, entitling him to spend one weekend every month with Marquise and to share holidays and vacations with Tompkins. Nevertheless, according to a source speaking to PEOPLE in 2018, despite supporting his son financially until he reached the age of 18, 50 Cent has been “estranged from his son for many years.”

Sire Jackson, 11

Sire Jackson.

50 Cent’s second son, Sire, was born in September 2012. He shares Sire with his ex-girlfriend Joy.

The rapper and his younger son seemingly enjoy a close relationship. On Father’s Day in 2019, 50 Cent shared a photo of himself cuddling with Sire on Facebook, writing, “My little man is my buddy, when ever he thinks something not going right he go 😟🤷🏽‍♂️can you please just call my dad. LOL.”

Ahead of Christmas that year, the “Candy Shop” artist treated Sire to a shopping spree at a Toy ‘R’ Us store that he had shut down. Joy shared photos from the father-son outing on Sire’s Instagram page, which she runs. “When I asked my Dad for the ‘WHOLE Toys R Us Store’ for Christmas I didn’t think he would actually do it, but he did 😱🤩❤️ Thank you Daddy! Best Christmas Ever! 😱🙏🏽 🎄 🎁,” read the post.

50 Cent and Sire have also made public appearances together, walking the red carpet side by side. In January 2023, Sire accompanied his father to the season 2 premiere of BMF. The duo sported coordinated ensembles with matching suits and ties for the event held in Los Angeles.

50 Cent and Sire Jackson.

The rapper’s relationship with Sire’s mother, Joy, is tumultuous. In March 2024, Joy accused her ex of sexual and physical assault. “Let’s shed light on your true malevolent actions of raping and physically harming me. You no longer have power over me, and my faith will handle you going forward,” she stated on Instagram. She further expressed, “You’ve shattered the last bit of hope I had for you as a father to uphold our family with these latest and ultimate false accusations against me. You’ve crushed our hearts for the final time.” 50 Cent has refuted the allegations.

In 2013, the rapper faced charges of domestic violence involving Joy. He entered a guilty plea to a reduced charge of misdemeanor vandalism, stemming from an altercation where he purportedly kicked Joy in the stomach and damaged her property during a disagreement. 50 Cent reached an agreement with Los Angeles prosecutors, resulting in three years of probation and 30 days of community service.

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