6 Hilarious Times V Pranked His Fellow BTS Members

He's so naughty.

V loves being mischievous with the BTS members. From editing their photos to sneaking into their photoshoots, he’s done it all! Check out some of his best pranks below.

1. Photobombing Jungkook

V is a professional at creeping his way into photos! Unbeknownst to the maknae, V appeared in the background doing some goofy poses during their Map Of The Soul: 7 photoshoots.

tai xuong 38

The results? Total success!

tai xuong 39

2. Sneaking up on J-Hope in the photo booth

While J-Hope was hard at work taking some photobooth pictures for BTS’s anniversary, V couldn’t help but pay him a surprise visit.

tai xuong 40

Even though J-Hope noticed him, he couldn’t do anything about it — The photobooth was on a timer!

tai xuong 41

Scolding V and hilariously letting out his frustrations at the final product, V always knows how to sneak into other members’ photos!

tai xuong 42

3. Tricking Jimin that he almost took off his pants

During a live broadcast, V suddenly removed one layer of pants, just to reveal another pair underneath. As Jimin was filming, he almost had a heart attack that V was stripping on a live broadcast!

tai xuong 43

4. Blowing out the candles before everyone

For BTS’s first anniversary, V quickly blew out the candles, despite all of the members wanting to do it together.

tai xuong 44

J-Hope quickly taught him a lesson!

tai xuong 45

5. Scaring RM as a mannequin

During Run BTS!, V decided to blend in with the various toys and mannequins so he wouldn’t be caught. However, RM was so confused!

tai xuong 46

6. Giving the BTS members leashes

One time, V took a photo of the boys sitting around a table. Hilariously, he drew leashes on each member’s neck and connected them back to his hand, making it look like he was holding all of their leashes!

tai xuong 47

The moment the members saw him post it, they made him pay — and posted the evidence of their revenge on Twitter!

tai xuong 48

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