6 times Kim was targeted by stɑlkers, they sent odԀ gifts & tried to break into her home

Because of her status as one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world, Kim Kardashian receives a lot of attention and admiration from her followers.

The dre.adful experiences of this mother of four have prompted her to seek legal recourse.

Here are six incidents where Kim K. was the subject of stal.king.

1. One sta.lker said he was able to ‘telepathically’ communicate with Kim

In December 2022, the media reported that Kardashian had been given a restraining order against a man who claims she talks with him “telepathically” and who repeatedly claimed to be ar.med when he showed up at her house.

Though they have never met, Kardashian claims that Persaud “attempted to access my apartment on three separate occasions in August 2022” in court documents.

In addition, he allegedly attempted to enter the hotel room of the SKIMS founder while she was in New York.

2. In October of 2022, a stalker made an unsuccessful attempt to break into Kardashian’s house

After 11 a.m. on the morning of the 11th of October, a man called Deandre Williams was apprehended at Kardashian’s Hidden Hills, California home.

Despite the property’s position in a guarded subdivision, Williams was able to gain entry.

Kardashian’s bodyguards spotted the man and got into a fight with him before the cops arrived to take him into custody.

Unfortunately, Williams was well-known to Kardashian’s security team after being observed trying to break into her property multiple times.

He was arrested and now faces charges of vio.lence and tre.spassing.

3. Pete Davidson had been threa.tened by one of Kim Kardashian’s stalkers

In May of this year, Kardashian was back in court because her stalker, against whom she already had a restraining order, had made terrifying thr.eats against her and her then-boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

Her lawyer, Shawn Holley, claims the man “made many viol.ent thr.eats” and “se.xual statements” in a series of letters mailed to her.

She and rapper Kanye West have four children together named North, Psalm, Chicago, and Saint West, and he thre.atened to take measures that “would cause Ms. Kardashian and her family to be impri.soned.”

One of the most disturbing letters mentioned a “HIT LIST” the stalker supposedly had. This is what he thre.atened in his letter:

“And if I ever run across you in New York or your lover in Los Angeles, I will make good on it then and there. Pete has to d.ie this weekend, and you will too the following.”

4. The stalker who sent Kardashian the backup plan

In October of last year, despite a restraining order being in place against him, Nicholas Costanza was detained on the property of Kardashian’s home and charged with cri.minal sta.lking and tresp.assing.

After months of him sending her unwanted gifts in the mail, including a diamond ring and, more dang.erously, packets of the Plan-B “morning after” contraceptive pill, Kardashian finally got an order against him.

5. The Russian-American boxer who was snooping around Kardashian’s house was captured on camera

In 2021, after Charles Zelenoff, another dang.erous man, was caught sp.ying on and photographing Kardashian’s house multiple times, she was forced to get a restraining order against him.

Popular among boxing enthusiasts, Zelenoff is a Russian-American fighter who has made regular use of social media and YouTube to target Kardashian.

As someone who claims to love Kardashian, Zelenoff’s “dan.gerous fury” at being locked out of her home is understandable.

6. Her attac.kers in the infamous Paris robbery sta.lked her too

Despite the terrifying close calls that Kardashian has had with sta.lkers, fortunately none of them have been able to harm her in any way.

However, 2016 was a ba.d year for Kardashian.

Thieves stormed into Kardashian’s hotel room while she was attending Paris Fashion Week that year, bound and gagged her, and made off with almost $10 million in jewelry.

Kardashian was held at gu.npoint and has been quite open about the tra.uma she experienced and how she thought she was going to di.e as a result.

I don’t understand how the burglars located in the room. And I mean I’ve been Snapchatting her for weeks now – Kim’s sis stated.

Because so many sta.lkers have persisted in their pursuit of Kardashian despite restraining orders, her situation is particularly worrisome.

We should all be concerned if the justice system fails even for Kim Kardashian, who has millions at her disposal.