6 years and 4 the tops to help BLACKPINK rule an empire: A world-scale miracle record

After 6 years of debut, BLACKPINK went from immature rookie girls to one of the best groups in Kpop history.

August 8 is the 5th anniversary of  BLACKPINK’s debut. 5 years is not a long time, not a short time, but it is enough to turn  Jisoo,  Jennie,  Rosé  and  Lisa  from fledgling rookies to the best girl group of their generation and one of the best groups in history. Kpop history.

After a difficult training period, BLACKPINK was released and quickly “destroyed” Kpop, becoming the brightest rookie of the year. Now, the name BLACKPINK has reached the global level, becoming the queen of YouTube, setting a series of new records that no other girl group can match. In his 5-year career, “Hac Huong” owns a series of “best” things, making both fans and the public admire and admire.


After 5 years, BLACKPINK from an immature rookie…


… has become the top Kpop girl group

1. Girl group dominates the world’s YouTube, breaking a series of records, owning 3 billion-view MVs

Before BLACKPINK’s series of great achievements on YouTube, only PSY has reached the milestone of MV billion views with 2 super hits  Gangnam Style and  Gentleman. Ever since their debut, the group’s strong and personality girlcrush image has made global fans extremely excited. But the name of BLACKPINK only really exploded after the super hit  Ddu-Du Ddu-Du. This is also the first song to bring 1 billion views for BLACKPINK.


Ddu-Du Ddu-Du is the first billion-view super hit in BLACKPINK’s career

The song was released on June 15, 2018 and just on November 11, 2019, “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” broke the Kpop record, becoming the first MV of a Kpop girl group to win the milestone. this. This hit also opened the chain of BLACKPINK’s top achievements on the Kpop front. Up to now, besides  Ddu-Du Ddu-Du, the 4 golden girls of YG also “pocketed” 3 other billion-view MVs,  Kill This Love, Boombayah and  As If It’s Your Last.


Kill This Love,..


… Boombayah…


… and As If It’s Your Last are the next billion-view MVs of BLACKPINK, respectively

Not only the music video, the members’ personal YouTube channels also have a huge number of followers. Up to now, Jennie’s channel has reached 6.69 million subscribers, Lisa’s channel has reached 7.92 million and Rosé’s channel has reached 2.88 million. It’s not wrong to say that BLACKPINK is “the queen of YouTube”.

2. The girl group that broke the virtual world, is the “boss” of Instagram

Besides being “YouTube queen”, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa are also Instagram “boss” in all girl groups. 4 members in turn dominate the 4 highest positions in the top of the most followed female idols on this social networking platform.

The youngest Lisa is not only a female idol, but also the artist who owns the most followed Instagram account Kbiz with 56.8 million followers. The posts of Lisa and Jennie both received a huge amount of interaction, up to millions of “hearts” and comments. Worth mentioning, their hottest pictures are all selfies or body shots through normal cameras, showing off their outstanding beauty and trend-leading fashion sense.






Following her groupmate is Jennie with 49 million followers




… and “Australian rose” Rosé together have 44.1 million followers

3. The group that plays the “ambassador system” of high-end fashion brands the most

Beautiful visuals are one of the factors that make girl groups gain more fans and BLACKPINK is no exception. Since their debut, the visuals of the 4 members have become a hot topic on social networks. The beauty of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa has both the personality of black (BLACK) and the sweet femininity of pink (PINK).

There are countless beauties in Kpop, but finding a group where all members become the face of the most luxurious fashion brands in the world like BLACKPINK is rare.

After a period of asserting themselves, all 4 members have become the “muse” of fashion houses in the world, covering both the jewelry and cosmetics fields, making fans joke that they are “the center of war”. commercial”, because the image of the 4 members is covered here. BLACKPINK is indeed the group that plays the “ambassador system”.


BLACKPINK – The group that plays “ambassador system”

Jennie is famous for her innocent, lovely and sexy image of “blood spray”, dubbed the “living Chanel” since her debut, thanks to her top body proportions, cool charisma and ability to “weight” ” fashionable clothes. After a long time attending the company’s event, Jennie was officially recognized as a Chanel ambassador in 2019. The Chanel ambassador has a luxurious and attractive appearance, a leading style icon in Kpop.


Jennie is the real “living Chanel”

Jisoo with the sweet beauty of Miss is the “muse” of the famous French fashion house Dior. The gentle, pure and elegant beauty of the female idol born in 1995 is considered to be very suitable for Dior. The 75-year-old fashion brand spends many “winged” words for the new ambassador. Indeed, whether wearing Dior or advertising its beauty products, Jisoo is still “deadly” beautiful. Most recently, the oldest sister BLACKPINK has collaborated with high-end jewelry brand Cartier.


Jisoo is a Dior ambassador…


… at the same time she is also the ambassador of the jewelry brand Cartier

Not inferior to her sister, Rosé also officially became the global ambassador of Saint Laurent in 2020. This is not only a surprise for Rosé but also a milestone for the French fashion “big man” when in 59 New history has a global brand ambassador. “Australian Rose” is both beautiful and attractive with a top-notch body, 48cm ant waist, which is considered to be extremely suitable for Saint Laurent’s elegant and luxurious image. On the “front” of luxury jewelry, Rosé has been officially announced as the ambassador of the famous American brand Tiffany & Co.


Rosé’s beauty is said to be a perfect match for YSL


Rosé is also the “baby” of jewelry brand Tiffany & Co

The youngest Lisa of the group “contracts” both the ambassadors of the two famous brands Celine and Bvlgari. Lisa became the ambassador of Celine and Bvlgari together in 2020. The female idol from Thailand was personally selected by legendary designer Hedi Slimane as the first global brand ambassador in the fashion house’s 75-year history. Celine. The luxurious look of the female idol is also very suitable for high-end jewelry brand Bvlgari.


Lisa “bids” 2 high-end brands, Celine…


… and Bvlgari

4. The girl group made a miracle international scale, cooperation and close friendship with all US-UK superstars

Referring to BLACKPINK is to mention the terrible records, the series of achievements that are hard to match in the music field. In particular, these achievements are especially prominent in the international music market.

The 4 golden girls of YG is the Kpop girl group that achieved the highest ranking on the Billboard Hot 100, with the song  Ice Cream  reaching number 13. The group’s debut album  THE ALBUM  also “landed” at the Billboard 200. with 2nd place. BLACKPINK is the first Korean girl group to receive certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for the song  Ddu-Du Ddu-Du.

The song  Kiss And Make Up  is also the first song by a K-pop girl group to be certified platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA). THE ALBUM  became the best-selling K-pop girl group album of all time with over 1.5 million copies sold worldwide.


THE ALBUM is the most sold album by a Kpop girl group

BLACKPINK is also the Kpop group that has collaborated with the most international stars. Counting “fog”, the “Black Perfume” members have collaborated with a series of big names such as Lady Gaga, Cardi B, Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa… During the recent US trip, Jennie and Rosé also checked-in with A series of cult stars such as global phenomenon Olivia Rodrigo, Jaden Smith, Bella Poarch, the pair of DJ sisters Simi & Haze… promises to have a series of collaboration products that “storm” the world again.








Kiss And Make Up, Bet You Wanna, Sour Candy, Ice Cream are songs BLACKPINK has collaborated with international artists, more than any other K-pop group.

Thanks to their outstanding achievements in the music field as well as their profound influence on young people, BLACKPINK has been recognized by Forbes Korea as the most powerful celebrity in Korea in 2019, ranked 3rd in 2020 and ranked 3rd in 2020. ranked 2nd in 2021. 4 members are also the first Kpop girl group to enter the top 30 best faces under 30 years old of Forbes.

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