7 horror stories ever experienced by BTS members, one of the most frequently haunted

The incidents also varied, some experienced horror incidents when they were on vacation, relaxing at home, and while washing their hair. Make goosebumps, these are 7  horror stories that BTS  members  have experienced .

1. V BTS’ Pet Dog That Keeps Barking

V BTS once shared his horror experience when he was at his house. V, whose rеal name is Kim Tae Hyung, admitted that his dog, Yeontan, was behaving strangely at night.

But it wasn’t the sound of the dog that worried V, but the fаct that the dog kept barking in front of an empty, unused room.

2. Jimin’s V Horror Experience

The BTS  members made a video in 2017 when they were on vacation in the Philippines.  The members were seen discussing the souvenirs they bought, then Jimin said he bought a nightmare catcher for V.

Jimin said that V had seen a g̵host and couldn’t sleep, then he went to Jimin’s room at night. But because Jimin was too sleepy, he didn’t remember kicking V out of his room so he felt guilty.

3. J-Hope Experiencing Sleep Paralysis 

J-Hope once told me that he had  sleep paralysis  or being crushed. While he was sleeping, he felt someone climb on his bed and felt an icy cold hand.

At first J-Hope thought it could be one of his friends, but he didn’t see anyone after that.

BTS becomes the first artist in history to receive a Platinum MAMA award

BTS continues to be the pioneers when being awarded the Platinum MAMA Award for the first time by winning all 4 Daesangs at the same time.2022 continues to be another successful year for BTS when the group “sweeps” the MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards). This year, the group was also presented with a special award called MAMA Platinum (MAMA Platinum) – this is a new award for artists who simultaneously won the 4 most important awards at this awards ceremony.

With BTS, 7 boys did this in 2019 when winning in 4 major categories: Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Global Icon of the Year. What’s even more surprising is that BTS has won all four of these categories for three consecutive years: 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Member J-Hope took a photo with BTS’ MAMA trophies. (Photo: Allkpop)

With BTS’s amazing feat, the organizers of MAMA have decided to present BTS with the first special award MAMA Platinum. This can be considered a fully deserved recognition after the contributions and achievements that the group has made to the K-Pop music industry.

Immediately after the information was posted, the fans congratulated BTS. Many viewers predict that if BTS comes back and continues their group activities, it is very likely that the group will receive this special award again.

A new documentary on BTS will be available on Disney+

A new documentary on BTS will be released on Disney+, according to BTS members in a short clip shown during the APAC Disney Content Showcase in Singapore on Wednesday.

According to Suga, the documentary “BTS The Monument: Beyond The Star” will follow the band’s evolution as well as their music.

Meanwhile, according to member RM, this Ԁrama would depict the BTS members’ ƅlood, sweat, and tears in order to reach their current success.

In addition to the BTS documentary, streaming provider Disney+ plans to make a documentary about J-Hope alone around the release of this member’s solo album.

BTS has gained considerable success in the international arena in recent years, both as a group and as individual individuals.

BTS’s imprints, whether as a group or individually, are quite respectable for an Asian band in general, and a Korean band in particular.