7 Points On Her Face That Show Lisa’s True Personality: Rҽvҽaling 1 Defect

Can you judge the inside based on what you see outside? This is what the facial features of Lisa (BLACKPINK) say about her personality, according to the criteria of an Australian Alan Stevens.

1. Confidence

People whose faces are less than 60% wider than their length are intrinsically cautious, while those whose faces are at least 70% wider than their length are innately confident.


As someone with a slightly wide face, Lisa is confident in all that she does.

2. Friendly

Friendliness is determined by the distance from the top of the eye to the eyebrow relative to the height of the eye. People with taller eyebrows tend to have a stronger need for personal space than people with lower eyebrows.


Lisa falls into the category of preferring personal space.

3. Tolerance

People with wider eyes were shown to be more willing to make mistakes than those with closer eyes.


Lisa’s beautiful eyes are far apart, which means she’s not the type to make sudden judgments about people.

4. Sense of humor

According to Stevens, the sense of humor is related to the length of the philtrum (the vertical groove between the nose and upper lip). People with longer philtrum usually have a better sense of humor.

Lisa’s shorter side means she’s more serious by nature, but not so short that she can’t laugh!

5. Generosity

People with fuller upper lips like Lisa tend to be more generous, while those with thin lips tend to want things to be clear.


6. World view

World View is indicated by one side of the crease on one’s eyelids. According to Stevens, people with thicker folds tend to be more analytical, while those with thin folds are often more indecisive.

This means that Lisa always thinks about all the possibilities when making a decision!

7. Magnetism

People with “deeper colored” eyes are said to have natural shades and a high degree of magnetism. Lisa’s darker, expressive eyes explain her strong aura!


It can be said that Lisa (BLACKPINK) at the time of her debut was not appreciated by many viewers compared to her teammates. However, over time, she is now an influential member with more than 80 million personal Instagram followers, serving as Ambassadors for many brands. This is the result of the female idol’s relentless efforts.


Before that, Lisa was surprised when she was voted by TC Candler as “The most beautiful female star in the world 2021”. The poll was conducted by TC Candler – an independent critic of American cinema, art and beauty since 1990. The list was established by the criteria of beauty, charm, naturalness ,and professionalism. .

Possessing a sexy, healthy appearance and a beautiful face like a Barbie doll, Lisa has become an “expensive” choice for many high-end cosmetic, fashion  brands in the world.

Lisa is always praised for her natural, natural beauty, without plastic surgery, leaving the audience happy. Lisa with btheir ig eyes and ba right smile is always a radiant beauty that stands out from the crowd.

Lisa is also one of the faces who owns a record salary. According to Chinese media, Lisa can pocket about 3.8 billion VND when attending an event for about 2 months, and earn about 15.3 billion VND when representing a brand.


In 2019, a large Thai telecommunications group spent 450,000 USD to invite the youngest member of the  Blackpink group to attend the event. In addition, when working as a judge for the Chinese talent show  Idol Produce, the 9X female idol earned 100 billion dongs.

According to Korean media,  Jennie and Lisa are currently the two richest members of the Blackpink group. According to Soulspage magazine, the Thai-born female singer owns a fortune of about 15 million USD. In 2021, she is on the list of the 30 richest idols in Kpop.

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