8 Times Blackpink Wore Lip Jewelry, Making Blinks Fall In Love

Lip piercings highlight the irresistible charm of the Blackpink members.

Lip piercings have always baffled K-pop fans because they bring yet seductive beauty to their idols.


Here are 8 times Blackpink wore lip jewelry, making BLINKs fall in love.

1. Goddess Lisa

Everything about Lisa’s looks screams dominance.

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2. Simple but deadly Even the simplest jewelry looks gorgeous on Jennie.


3. Palace of Love

Every part of Rosé is gorgeous, but the arrangement of the studs on her lips makes her pink lips pop.


4. Queen since debut

Part of Blackpinj’s appeal is that their confidence hasn’t wavered since they entered the world of K-pop.

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5. Jisoo’s superiority


6. “Human Chanel” Jennie

Jennie is the perfect combination of ҽlҽgant and sҽxγ.


7. Diamond is Blackpink’s signature gem

Lisa’s charm is stronger than the diamond on her lips.

8. Sparkling like the stars

The only thing that sets her outfit and accessories apart is Jennie’s talent.

tai xuong 98 1


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