8 times BLACKPINK’s outfit was severely criticized by antifans

Blackpink is known for their sharp, trendy concepts and outfits. However, the 4 girls also had mixed opinions about the outfit.

Although they are the darling of many fashion brands, they still inevitably have questions about their outfits, leading to mixed reactions from fans and netizens (including unwarranted).


Here are 8 times Blackpink’s outfits received mixed reactions.

1. Costumes for concerts in Malaysia

When Blackpink held a concert in Malaysia, fans were excited for the group to visit the country. However, some of the group’s costumes when performing on stage received mixed reactions from fans and Malaysian actress Abby Abadi thought that the group’s skirts were too short.


2. Nurse Jennie

While fans loved her look, Korean netizens had mixed opinions about Jennie’s nurse outfit in the MV Lovesick Girls. YG Entertainment has faced backlash from the Medical Union and Korean Medical Workers, who feel that the outfit Jennie wears is only “according to the typical description used for sexual attraction”. “. Finally, the company announced that they will delete all scenes in the MV that feature Jennie in a nurse outfit.


3. Jisoo at WIB: Indonesia K-pop Awards

Fans often say Jisoo has the weirdest outfits and consider the outfit she wore during the group’s performance at the WIB: Indonesia K-pop Awards as one of the worst. The main complaint is that it doesn’t go well with the weird accessories, with fans claiming that Jisoo’s looks are what saved the look.


4. Lisa and the green dress

Fans thought the outfit was unsightly and made Lisa look like a bunch of lettuce, while others appreciated her high fashion ability.


5. Jisoo’s Paris Fashion Week

All eyes were on Jisoo during her appearance at the Dior Show during Paris Fashion Week. Many fans both love and hate her yellow pleated outfit, saying it’s too simple and makes the female idol look old.


6. Jennie and the ant pattern dress

Although the shape of this dress is standard and is considered cute on casual occasions, the ants printed on the pink fabric with blue lace accents make Jennie look like an “ant-covered watermelon” according to her. fan.


7. Rosé at Tiffany & Co . event

Many netizens said that while Rosé looked gorgeous, her outfit was a bit weird and caused her to pose strangely in the photos.


8. Tokyo Girls Collection

Fans had strong feelings about all the members’ outfits on the Tokyo Girls Collection red carpet. While looks can function independently, outfits are said to be in conflict with each other.

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