9 idols dyed hair the most in Kpop: one ‘announced comeback’, one just because of ‘passion’?

Suga – BTS

Suga is one of the idols who change their hair color the most in Kpop. The guy looks outstanding in blonde but when he dyes other colors like mint green, brown, black, smoke gray, pink… still extremely outstanding.








Dahyun – TWICE

TWICE members once shared that Dahyun’s hair color is like the group’s comeback hint. Every time TWICE comes back, Dahyun will dye her hair a new color.






Taeyong – NCT

Taeyong NCT’s hair is rarely dyed in one color. The male idol is extremely fond of bright colors such as yellow, smoke, gray, blue…


Owning a beautiful face, white skin, Taeyong suits almost any hair color.






Jimin – BTS

Undoubtedly the top visual of Kpop,  Jimin  looks amazing no matter what hair color he dyes.

Every time he returns, Jimin makes fans admire his amazing makeover just by changing his hair color.







SEVENTEEN’s Woozi tried many times with different hair colors, even neon color was easily conquered by the male idol.





Chaeyoung – TWICE

One more beauty TWICE reached the top of Kpop idols who dyed and changed their hair color the most.

Not only dyeing, Chaeyoung also tried different dyes.






Minhyuk – MONSTA X

MONSTA X’s Minhyuk is the next name chosen by the residents.

Like Woozi, Minhyuk can weigh many different hair colors and hairstyles.





Not dyeing as many colors as Dahyun or Chaeyoung, but  Rosé  is also considered the member who takes care of changing her hair color the most in BLACKPINK.

She is often associated with her characteristic blonde hair, but gradually Rosé also began to try different colors, even smoky blue was easily conquered by YG beauties.






Hyoyeon – SNSD

During 13 years of artistic activities, Hyoyeon has changed her hair color many times.

Not only dyeing a simple color, SNSD’s “dancing machine” also tried with different types of dyeing at the same time with many colors, dyeing ombre … extremely personality.