A dad at all times – Damian Lillard enjoys with his kids

A dad at all times – Damian Lillard enjoys with his son

Chet Holmgren’s 31-point explоsiоn vs. Kevin Durant has Thunder fans buzzing

It appears as though Oklahoma City Thunder head coach Chet Holmgren is prepared for his delayed rookie season. This much is evident after witnessing Holmgren’s impressive performance in a pickup game against Kevin Durant and other NBA players, in which he scored 31 points while still getting into game shape.

Holmgren had a showdown with Durant during an open run with his NBA peers before the start of the 2022-23 season. Durant was sidelined with a Lisfranc ιnjury. Now that he’s healthy again, Holmgren is a major threаt on both ends of the court.

We really shouldn’t even bother with a pickup game. Chet Holmgren may have competed against NBA players, but the level of competition was probably not that great. Since pickup games are typically designed to hone a player’s skills, the defense is typically more loose, making it very easy to rack up a lot of points. Besides, who cares about statistics in a pickup game?The Oklahoma City faithful naturally were ecstatic as the Holmgren video went viral. A lot of people are looking forward to seeing him play in his first season, especially with Shai Gilegous-Alexander and Josh Giddey on the same team.In this highlight reel, Chet Holmgren demonstrates a wide range of dunks and alley-oop layups. “This kid is scary good,” one user said.

An additional cheering fan declared, “Chet received my vote for ROY… If you think Trae is overrated, you either aren’t paying attention or you’re simply hatin’. Talented Trae.” One more supporter chimed in, “Rookie of the Year Campaign incoming…”


We pray that Holmgren stays healthy and doesn’t suffer any setbacks before the season begins. When he finally lives up to the hype, the Thunder will be a formidable opponent.