A moment Real Madrid vs Almeria caused a storm on social networks

Davide Ancelotti's celebratory photo of the Alaba triumph goes viral.

Although Davide Ancelotti, his son and assistant, is undoubtedly more eloquent than his father Carlo, who may not be the most expressive coach in the world.

Almeria is very underrated because they have just got their feet wet in La Liga. But they are the better starters. In the 8th minute, even this club scored. Starting from the counter-attack, Ramazani very wisely broke the offside trap to face Courtois. With an accurate sink shot, he helped Almeria open the scoring, opening the hope of helping the home team create a seismic event in the first round of La Liga.


Real then tried to corner the opponent and in fact they did quite well. But it all stopped at the level of opportunities, with a total of 17 shots being launched in the first half, of which 7 were accurate and all failed to beat the Almeria goalkeeper.

Typically situations in the 16th minute, when Valverde picked up the ball and then shot a shot from a distance but was denied by goalkeeper Martinez; or 32 minutes, when Kroos poked a slot as if to put Vinicius down to face Martinez, but again the winner was Almeria’s goalkeeper.


The overwhelming game was completely maintained by Real in the second half. But the effectiveness of this team has shown more clearly. They soon found an equalizer in the 61st minute after an accurate kick in Vazquez’s too simple posture. The assist for him is Benzema.

Overcoming the victory, Real pressed Almeria to choke. Within 15 minutes, consecutive shots were launched. But sometimes Vazquez sends the ball over the bar, when Vinicius can’t beat the opponent’s defender.

It was not until the fixed situation that Real found the second goal. 75 minutes on the free kick, defender Alaba drew a soft curve to bring the ball to the top corner of the goal, smashing the vertical post into the net. He did not give goalkeeper Almeria any chance.

And Real preserved the result 2-1 thanks to a superior midfield holding the ball. Almeria tried to attack but in vain, thereby witnessing the opponent holding 3 points to leave the field.


Notably, David Alaba’s game-winning goal against Almeria was celebrated in the following manner by Davide Ancelotti.


Twitter users who are Real Madrid supporters are circulating the image. 

According to sources, Davide is in charge of the tactical part of Madrid’s game. Carlo Ancelotti recently stated during a press conference that his son would make a fine head coach in the future.


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