A Series Of Beautiful, Flawless Bare-Faced Photos Of Jungkook

Jungkook's (BTS) appearance in the group's reality show "In The Soop 2" is picturesque, even though his face is bare.

Recently, on social networks , a series of photos “cut the hearts” of fans with the lovely, beautiful, and romantic beauty of male idol Jungkook (BTS). Accordingly, these photos were taken in the group’s reality show called  In The Soop 2.

In this series of photos, despite his bare face, Jungkook still makes a strong impression with his handsome appearance, youthful and fresh aura. Not only that, his body is also praised for having the best body among the 7 boys. Especially the male idol’s body proportions are quite nice with his broad shoulders and solid upper body.


At some moments, especially when playing in the rain, even though his body is wet, the “golden maknae” of the Bangtang family is very charming, making fans “stand still”. Or when he wakes up, he thinks Jungkook will show a haggard face, but the male idol looks quite cute. Accordingly, during the episodes of In The Soop 2 , he is always the first to get up (except for the last episode), but always appears with a handsome, fresh face.


Although on stage, he always exudes a strong aura, but in real life, Jungkook brings the image of a guy “flashing milk”. It is worth mentioning that even without makeup , the male idol’s skin reveals his “spotless” beauty, making many fans jealous.


As soon as these images were widely shared on social networks, a series of discussion posts on Korean online forums kept mentioning the name of the youngest member of BTS. Fans constantly leave comments praising Jungkook’s beauty.

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“I think he’s the most handsome man in the world.”

“In SOOP, Jungkook’s bare face is so beautiful and clean. I’m really shocked every time I see it.”

“Not only the face but also the body is beautiful. It’s a masterpiece.”

“His innocent face and physique are really crazy.”

“Jungkook’s bare face makes me feel attractive and warm. It’s very different from when he’s on stage.”

“How can the face of the guy who just got out of bed look so good?” , a series of comments from netizens.


Jungkook was born in 1997, is the youngest brother and is also one of the main vocals of the “global group” BTS. Not only has a good voice, good dancing ability, attractive performance on stage, but Jungkook is praised by many people for his outstanding appearance with a height of 1m79, a 6-pack body. In the group, besides the eldest Jin and the youngest brother V, Jungkook is the most handsome member in the group. He is always on the list of the most handsome faces in the world and won in 2017.


Recently, Forbes Korea magazine announced the voting results of “Best Idol Model 2021” (Best Model Idol 2021) and Jungkook took the top spot with a voting rate of 51,559% to from professionals and 40.55% from the audience.


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