Aaron Ramsdale highlights Mikel Arteta’s importance amid Arsenal’s All or Nothing Amazon release

Aaron Ramsdale spoke about the important role Mikel Arteta plays for his England career ahead of the release of Arsenal's All or Nothing documentary with Amazon.

Aaron Ramsdale has been a crucial piece to Mikel Arteta’s rebuild over the past year, as the Englishman has put in solid displays between the sticks. The goalkeeper has been a regular starter for Arsenal, which has also given him the English national spotlight.

With Arsenal’s All or Nothing Amazon documentary set to be released on August 4, Ramsdale gave his reaction to the first three episodes to He touched on the importance of Arteta’s man-management, and he also spoke about the similarities he has to Gareth Southgate when the Arsenal goalkeeper reports for duty with England.


Aaron Ramsdale believes Mikel Arteta and Gareth Southgate have similar managerial styles.

It will be a major season for Ramsdale as he will take part in his first European campaign in club football with Arsenal. This will be followed up by a potential World Cup journey with England if he is called up by Southgate, as Arteta’s methods may be crucial in helping to get there.

Speaking to about his chances of going to the World Cup, Ramsdale said: “I’m in and around it, but as we said, things can change very quickly, and this season especially, there’s gonna be Jordan [Pickford] myself, Sam Johnstone, Dean Henderson, Nick Pope and probably some others that I’ve forgotten about so there will be five or six English goalkeepers trying to get on the plane.

So, although I’m around it at the moment, I have to keep myself there.”


Ramsdale made his first cap for England in November of last year against San Marino after an impressive start to life as an Arsenal player following his summer transfer move from Sheffield United for a £30m fee.

The 24-year-old sang praises for Arteta when it came to helping him settle in at north London. He said: “Yeah, I think the first phone call I had with the boss went very well. He was sort of quizzing me on football, which was quite easy for me as how much I love football, but he started asking about the family and things, and he personally asked to ring my dad and to be honest, I don’t actually know what the conversation was about.


He asks about my family, and I’m pretty sure he asks about everyone else’s family near enough every other week, and that just shows what type of person he is. It’s not just football, and that’s probably a similar answer about the cameras being here. It’s not just about football, we have families, and we’re humans.”

Ramsdale will be managed by Arteta and Southgate throughout the season if he continues to be called up for international duty. And it is to his benefit that he explains how both managers have similar managerial styles.

“Off the pitch, he is, yeah, I think that was one of Gareth’s main things to get into the national team about being together, being as one. There are definitely similarities between the two off the pitch.” Ramsdale explained.


I think the way it’s going at the moment with social media, mental health. It’s great to see that these sorts of managers are coming in, and it’s changing the game for the better.”

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