Acknowledges Her Financial Success As K-Pop Idols, Jennie Just Wants To Make One Thing Clear First

BLACKPINK was recently  named “Entertainer of the Year” by TIME . In keeping with the title, their photos have been featured on magazine covers and social media sites. They also received a dedicated interview about their career to date. 

Here, a number of topics of intҽrҽst were covered, from their diverse cultural backgrounds to their worldwide success. The magazine mentioned the group’s contribution to the billion-dollar K-Pop industry.

“K-Pop generates up to $10 billion in sales every year. BLACKPINK in particular is a serious engine in that market, especially for YG.” – TIME

This is not an exaggerated statement, YG  Entertainment’s stock alone has  gone up every time BLACKPINK makes a successful comeback to the industry.

Jennie  admits that there is a significant amount of money involved in this industry. At the same time, she wanted to emphasize that no member pursues a career as a K-Pop idol for financial gain.

“If we looked at this in the way of business, we wouldn’t be able to do this.” – said Jenny

jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Every BLACKPINK member has a packed schedule. In the past few months alone, they’ve had to practice for their  BORN PINK world  tour while promoting their title track “Shut Down” and attending  Paris Fashion Week.  They also shoot content for their social media sites and endorsements.

As Jennie explained, they do all of this not for money reasons but out of love for their work and fans. A stressful, high-reward career is something they’re motivated to pursue because it’s also their passion.

“We do it from our hearts.” – Jennie

jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram 

Finally, Lisa added that the best thing about their recent world tour was being able to meet the BLINKs in person, something they were unable to do for the past two years due to restrictions.

“Being able to come back with the team to tour and meet fans around the world is the best part.” — Lisa

BLACKPINK | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram