Actress Han So Hee Can’t Stop Gushing About Her Love For Blackpink And She Reveals Her Group Bias

When it comes to one of the hottest actresses in Korea,  Han So Hee  has to be near the top of the list. In addition to her amazing appearance, the actress constantly makes people admire with her diverse acting and humble personality.

It seems the actress has a great taste in music after the idol revealed her favorite K-Pop stars…

Han So Hee recently stole the hearts of fans around the world after attending the  OMEGA  Her Time event  in Thailand. As expected, the female idol looked beautiful in a lovely cream color dress.


During her time in Thailand, Han So Hee did some schedules and chatted with the media. In particular, Vogue Thailand recently released a video with the actress in which she had to list her 24 favorite things, whether it’s food, color, etc.

One of the answers Han So Hee had to give was to choose her favorite Korean superstar.

As soon as the question was asked, Han So Hee seemed shy and confused as she answered,  ” BLACKPINK .”

Han So Hee is shy about saying her favorite group’s name

The actress then revealed that she really liked the group’s recent song “Shut Down”.

Han So Hee certainly won’t be alone ᴄ because after BLACKPINK released the song “Shut Down” at the beginning of the year, it really captured the hearts of fans around the world. With the powerful concept, great visuals and talents of the members, this is truly one of the hottest songs of 2022.


Of course, whenever anyone shares their love for a K-Pop group, you must have a bias, and Han So Hee is no exception. At first, she seemed to have trouble picking a favorite member. In the end, she chose and went with none other than  Jennie  !

Of course, all members of BLACKPINK are true biases and Jennie is no exception. With her amazing looks, talent and charisma, she has definitely won the hearts of celebrities and BLINKs.

Some even pointed out that the two have posted similar vibe images in the past…

When the video was shared, it was not surprising that the residents couldn’t help but whisper at the color of BLACKPINK x Han So Hee x Jennie.