After being criticized, Ronaldo continues to ‘challenge’ Man Utd

Cristiano Ronaldo, who hopes to lead Portugal to the World Cup, has defended his scandalous interview with Manchester United. It was a CR7 interview that made many accusations against the host club.

Ronaldo’s interview took over the media, but he was quick to ask the world press to stop asking his Portugal teammates about it. Appearing in a press conference, the 37-year-old striker spoke for the first time after a shocking interview and then responded defiantly.

“Timing is always timing,” said Ronaldo. “From your side it is easy to look at how we can choose timings. Sometimes you write truths, sometimes you write lies.

“I don’t have to worry about what others think. I talk when I want to. Everybody knows who I am, what I believe in.”

Ronaldo addressed the media ahead of the World Cup

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner is set to have his contract terminated by United for bringing the club into disrepute. United have begun the legal process of terminating his deal, which has seven months left to run and is worth £16million in wages to the 37-year-old.

Ronaldo the media not to ask his Portugal teammates about him and to focus instead on the Wold Cup, with the forward insisting he has nothing to prove.

“If I had to demonstrate something at 37 years and 8 months, I would be worried,” said Ronaldo. am year after year.”

On his meaningful frosty exchange with United and Portugal team-mate Bruno Fernandes, which was captured by TV cameras, Ronaldo played down any problem between them.

“I played a joke with Bruno, with whom I have an excellent relationship,” said Ronaldo. “His flight was delayed and I asked if he had come by boat. It was a joke, as it was with João Cancelo. He was a little sad, so I pulled him up.”

Asked if winning the World Cup with Portugal would settle the debate over whether he or his great rivɑl Lionel Messi is the best player of all-time, Ronaldo said: “No, I don’t see things like that out there.

“Even if I won the World Cup, there would always be this debate. Some like me more, some less. It’s like everything in life. It’s normal.”

“Will the World Cup be the most important competition? Yes, one of the most, it’s a dream to win, but if we didn’t win any more trophies I’d be proud.”

Asked if Portugal can win the World Cup, Ronaldo said: “I believe so. I have this feeling but we need to go slowly and think about the game with Ghana. It’s going to be beautiful to see and this generation is good. I feel good, I’m already recovered and we’ve been doing good practice. I’m fine to start the World Cup in the best way.”

Portugal’s World Cup campaign began when they met Ghana in Group H. However, public opinion was largely focused on Ronaldo’s future at the club instead of mentioning the possibility of winning the World Cup of the European Selecao. .