After breaking up with Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian is getting ɦotter

Kim Kardashian recently shared a series of extremely sexy photos on Instagram causing a "storm" of social networks.

Owning a personal Instagram with a huge fan base of up to 329 million followers, Kim Kardashian always knows how to take advantage of social networks to make fans “fever”.


The recent set of photos showing off her beautiful body and sexy bust of the owner of SKIMs also made fans “stand still”, attracting 2.3 million hearts, nearly 7,000 interactive comments.


It is known that this beautiful set of photos of the 8x beauty was released to promote the wireless headset product she cooperated with a brand.


Two days ago, Kim was seen appearing in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (USA) with a hot black dress with a deep chest split.


This is the first time paparazzi caught her after announcing the breakup with young love Pete Davidson after 9 months of dating.


According to US media, Kim is the one who wants to break up first. The reason is said to be geographical distance and busy work.


Another source revealed that the age difference also contributed to their decision to go their separate ways. Photo of the couple on the red carpet at an event in April.

1660719661229440640Kim and Pete are often paired at events. Photo of both in an event in February 2022.
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