After Gakpo, Man Utd continued to receive a second transfer ‘slɑp’ from Glazer family

Man Utd need to add a striker and they pay great attention to Cody Gakpo from the summer of 2022. However, it was quite sᴜrprising when Liverpool entered and quickly successfully recruited the star to score 3 goals in the 2022 World Cup.

In fɑct, Gakpo has always openly wanted to join Man Utd. However, the Red Devils themselves are not really serious in this deal.

Man Utd failed in Gakpo case.

David Ornstein confirmed that Man Utd considered recruiting Gakpo but, this striker ultimately chose Liverpool because the Anfield team was more active in negotiations.

Not stopping here, coach Erik ten Hag also received a shоck from the Glazer family. Specifically, according to the Daily Mail, American owners only plan to ask to borrow players in January 2023, instead of carrying out any shopping ambitions.

The Glazers won’t buy any more players in January

This is understandable in the context of the Glazer family looking for a partner to transfer back to Man Utd. In addition, Man Utd is also carrying a debt of nearly 500 million pounds. Therefore, the Glazers no longer want to invest in the transfer.

They focus on reselling Man Utd when the price is right, so coach Ten Hag can only bring in short-term loan contracts in the near future.

Ten Hag’s wise decision

The Glazer family has publicly admitted that they want to sell the club, but that won’t be finalized until the second quarter of next year. Accordingly, the budget – which has already been exhausted – can hardly be replenished for Man United to spend on flashy new contracts.

Coach Erik Ten Hag is in desperate need of a striker to strengthen the ɑttack, especially when the Old Trafford team terminates the contract with Cristiano Ronaldo during the World Cup period. In the hands of Ten Hag right now there is only one true striker left, Anthony Martial – who is rarely fit and can play regularly every week.

Ten Hag still has many problems to solve.

Another position that Man United must pay attention to is the goalkeeper. David de Gea’s performance has certainly improved since the Dutchman took over, but the former Atletico Madrid goalkeeper – who is absent from Spain’s 2022 World Cup squad – is not. is the role model Ten Hag aspires to be.

De Gea’s contract will expire at the end of the season, and it is likely that he will have to leave because his salary of up to £ 350,000 / week is too high compared to the common ground. Man United must make a decision: extend De Gea’s contract until 2024 and come up with a new deal, or decide to part with this longtime ‘bodyguard’ to bring in a new ‘number one’.

One name that is constantly associated with the Red Devils is Borussia Monchengladbach’s Yann Sommer. From the end of the summer of 2022, Man United wanted Sommer and the 34-year-old goalkeeper soon set a Bundesliga record when he made 19 saves in the win over Bayern Munich.

Sommer had a good performance in the World Cup.

Multiple sources say Gladbach will allow Sommer to leave in January for a small fee of £5m. There is always skepticism about Sommer’s height of 1m83, but he has confirmed his talent in the Bundesliga and the world. In the last World Cup, Sommer also impressed, especially in the match against Cameroon. The Swiss international is one of the best savers in the world with quick reflexes like De Gea. Besides that, he also does well with the ball at his feet and would fit United’s need for a new, modern goalkeeper.

If the Red Devils decide to let De Gea leave at the end of the season, it is likely that 2 goalkeepers will be brought in, it could be a bargain contract named Sommer and a more expensive Diogo Costa of FC Porto to compete. painting.

If Ten Hag believes Sommer is the right man to be Man United’s No 1 goalkeeper for the next three years, then the Gladbach star will receive full support from the Red Devils fans. It should be remembered that, nearly 20 years ago, Sir Alex Ferguson also brought in an Edwin van der Sar in his 30s and achieved ᴜnexpected success.