After his entire Man United debut was unsuccessful and his goal was disallowed, Rasmus Hojlund posted a mysterious message on Instagram

RASMUS HOJLUND shared a mysterious Instagram photo after having a goal in his whole Man Utd debut disallowed.

On Saturday, the striker lost at Old Trafford as Brighton triumphed 3-1.

For United, Hojlund appeared to have equalized, giving them a chance to get back into the game.

However, VAR disallowed his attempt since replays revealed the ball had already left the field of play.

Rasmus Hojlund made a cryptic Instagram post after Man Utd's 3-1 defeat to Brighton

Rasmus Hojlund made a cryptic Instagram post after Man Utd’s 3-1 defeat to Brighton

Rasmus Hojlund in cryptic Instagram post after having goal disallowed in  defeat on full Man Utd debut | The Sun

Hojlund posted this picture to his Instagram Stories

As United searched for a goal in the second half, Hojlund was also replaced, drawing jeers from the home crowd.

The striker also shared a mysterious photo on Instagram Stories on Sunday night.

Hojlund was removed from the game and was spotted sitting on the ground with his hands in the air and a disgusted expression.

But he sent out a defiant message in a different post.

We will rise again, the Dane proclaimed. Thank you, Old Trafford, for the gracious welcome.

Erik ten Hag, the team’s manager, commented on Hojlund’s full debut, saying: “The welcome from the spectators was amazing. He is coming with a slight issue, so we have to be careful.

“His performance was fantastic, and the crowd loved it. He was unfortunate to have the goal disallowed; else, he would have had a fantastic afternoon.

“It wasn’t true, but he’s going to keep going. He has a strong personality, much like our team does, and we will fight back.

Ten Hag added regarding the outcome: “We are disappointed. That is typical, especially given your experience with games with such narrow margins.

We had a lot of opportunities to score in the first half, but we didn’t.

“We then let up a goal and had a goal that was called back, and you’re sitting in the locker room wondering how this is even possible.

“It’s the way it was, and you have to deal with it.”