After Jisoo, It’s Jennie’s Turn To Have A Worrying Health Condition

Not long ago, the image of BLACKPINK member Jisoo suffering from a swollen lymph node in her neck while performing made the audience extremely worried. Facing the above information, the singer’s management company said that Jisoo has no health problems, currently, she is still focusing on the North American tour with the other members of the group. Despite receiving positive information related to the idol, the BLACKPINK fan community is still worried about her.

Recently on a number of forums, residents have passed on pictures of member Jennie, who is said to have relapsed in her leg during the performance. The fact that the two members had consecutive health problems caused a wave of anger from the group’s large fan base.


BLACKPINK moment at the latest autograph session in Korea

Specifically in BLACKPINK’s latest music night, Jennie, after jumping up a few times, immediately squatted down and kept her ankles tight. Lisa standing right next to her quickly noticed and went to her sister’s side to check the situation. Jennie went back to backstage to check the situation, then returned to the stage after stabilizing as if nothing had happened.

Before the incident, Jennie was still jubilantly “dancing” with the sisters

…then he hugged his ankles and crouched down

When Jennie crouched down, Lisa noticed first

However, when she approached, Jennie quickly stood up 

And she quickly ran inside to “fight fire”.

Currently, BLACKPINK is extremely busy with the schedule of performances in the tour called  Born Pink around the world. The tour begins on October 15 and ends on June 21 next year. However, the fact that Jisoo and Jennie were suspected of having an ιпjury at the newly started concerts not long ago made the public extremely insecure about the health situation of the group.