After losing to Brenford, Erik Ten Hag was dubbed the ‘worst manager of the century’

MU's humiliating defeat to Brentford last night earned coach Erik Ten Hag a record that no one wanted

After only two rounds, the Red Devils assisted their opponents in performing a miracle. First and foremost, Brentford’s recent victory is the club’s first over MU since 1938. Prior to that, Brighton became the first team in history to leave Old Trafford with a victory.

MU dropped to the bottom of the Premier League standings after losing two consecutive games. This is the first time the Old Trafford team has finished the round with a team result since August 21, 1992. This is the worst achievement in the last 30 years, but the person who is probably the saddest right now is coach Erik ten Hag.


According to ESPN, the loss to Brentford earned coach Erik Ten Hag a poor record. In particular, the Dutch strategist became the first Man United coach in more than a century to lose his first two domestic league matches.

The Dutch strategist was furious after the game because of what the students demonstrated. He even used derogatory language to describe MU’s shortcomings.


“It’s garbage and inadequate. We clearly need higher standards than that. I asked the players to play with confidence and responsibility, but they refused.

The entire team must accept responsibility for the outcome. I feel bad for the fans “The captain of the MU team admitted bitterly.


The 0-4 loss to Brentford is the third time in the Premier League since the 2016/17 season that MU has conceded four or more goals in the first half. Previously, they were defeated after only 45 minutes by Tottenham in 2020 (6-1) and Liverpool in 2021. (5-0).

The current nightmare series for MU and Ten Hag is likely not over because MU will face a very strong opponent, Liverpool, in the next round. The Red Devils have not only lost but also conceded at least four goals in the last three meetings (2-4; 0-5; 0-4).


Nonetheless, there is an intriguing statistic that can energize Ten Hag’s army. That was the last time MU lost the first two Premier League games in 1992/93, also the season they won the league. However, given MU’s current form, the Dutch captain will have a lot of work to do to get the team back into the top half of the rankings, let alone compete for the top four or titles.

Erik ten Hag has made a blunder. Christian Eriksen has never played as a defensive midfielder in his career, but he fills that role here.

Lisandro Martinez is not physically strong enough to play central defense and is easily intimidated. That sums up Manchester United’s current form. Those are the two bad decisions made by Coach Ten Hag.”

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