After years of ‘face off’, YG Entertainment and MAMA officially reconciled?

MAMA – one of the most anticipated awards ceremonies of the year. However, over the years, this award ceremony has been surrounded by many speculations that a series of artists and companies have “quit”.

And of course, YG’s “pet chickens” have not been present for many years because of the long-standing relationship between the two parties. MAMA’s continuous discriminatory actions against YG’s stars for many years have made the fan community “hot”.

But it seems that everything has changed, this year, MAMA 2022 becomes more exciting with the participation of YG idols.

YG’s dancer opens MAMA 2022

Photo: Twitter

YG started to compete with MAMA from 2015.

However, it is possible that the two sides have resumed their old love when the YG boy group TREASURE attended MAMA 2020. The audience thinks that between YG and MAMA seems to have officially reconciled.

From 2020, the relationship between YG and MAMA gradually softened. 

MAMA 2022 will be held at Kyocera Dome Osaka (Japan). It can be seen that the show became more exciting thanks to the presence of YG artists. Among them, Jeon Somi can be mentioned , the female idol who plays the role of host and changes up to 7 outfits when hosting the show.

Somi takes the spotlight at the red carpet of MAMA 2022. 

The female idol wears 7 different outfits because she plays the role of host. 

Currently,  BLACKPINK is on a busy schedule with the world tour, so Lee Jung and YG’s dancers performed instead of the absence of 4 members.

Somi, dancer Lee Jung and YGX performed the nominated songs at the award ceremony extremely “burning” and impressive at the  MAMA 2022 stage.

Lee Jung, Somi, and YGX stirred up the atmosphere with the opening of the super “burning” show.

Lee Jung and YGX perform BLACKPINK’s choreography. 

The audience cheered, YG idols and dancers “dance” on the stage. TREASURE also attended the awards ceremony and left many impressions with special performances. More specifically, the boy group also won the Worldwide’s Fan Choice Top 10 award (voted by fans).

TREASURE won the award at MAMA 2022. (Photo: MAMA screenshot)

Even more surprising, the fact that MAMA showed the interview of 4 BLACKPINK members after being named to receive the award made the public extremely surprised. It is hard to believe that one day, YG would agree to let BLACKPINK accept the invitation to appear on the screen after a stressful time of “face-to-face” confrontation.

BLACKPINK participated in MAMA’s interview – Lisa




Besides, despite their absence, BLACKPINK still received the  Worldwide’s fan choice award . Worth mentioning, they are the only girl group to appear in the top 10 list.

BLACKPINK excellently became the only girl group in the top 10. 

Many people think that it is the appearance of YG’s “chicken” that “saved” the MAMA 2022 award ceremony, their charisma and strong energy are still receiving the attention of the public. Perhaps this is the rare time the audience can see this bustling atmosphere!