After Yeri, it was Red Velvet’s Seulgi’s turn to be accused of imitating Jennie (BLACKPINK)

BLACKPINK and Red Velvet are the two most famous girl groups of Kpop at the moment, and they are also rivals when they always appear on major music races. Members of these two groups also always receive a lot of attention from the audience. If BLACKPINK is famous for 4 beautiful girls like flowers, Red Velvet is no less than 5 beauties.

It is thought that these two groups will not have any similarities, but recently netizens have suggested that the two members of Red Velvet are learning the style of fashion  of Jennie (BLACKPINK)?

A few days ago, when appearing at the airport, Red Velvet’s member Seulgi made an impression with a strong and stylish outfit. The female singer stood out among the sea of ​​people when choosing a white shirt over a croptop to show off her “ant waist”. She also combined with accessories such as hats and bags that match very well. However, netizens “looked up” a month ago, Jennie also wore a similar outfit. But Jennie’s set is somewhat better when it comes from famous brands. Putting two female idols next to each other, the audience who doesn’t want to be skeptical must also be surprised by this coincidence.

However, this is not the only member of Red Velvet accused of imitating Jennie, but recently netizens discovered that even the youngest Yeri wants to become a copy of Jennie? From the choice of clothes to Yeri’s style, they are strangely similar to Jennie.

Everyone knows that Jennie is Chanel’s brand ambassador and by chance Yeri also chose Chanel as a companion during this time, from hairpin accessories to female singers’ purses, all chosen by famous fashion houses. Jennie often wears off-shoulder tops to show off her collarbone, while Yeri also has a wide-collar wardrobe to “swing” to her opponent.

Or even the way the beanie and headband are worn are so similar with the adorable pouty expression.

Jennie loves to travel and holds a camera to record every moment, Yeri will also buy a camera.

I don’t know if this coincidence is coincidental or just Yeri having the same thoughts as Jennie, but obviously looking at the images above, the audience also has a basis to see that this is not completely accidental.