Ageless warrior’s contract with Real Madrid is extended

Real Madrid promise their legend midfielder "another contract extension," but with one stipulation.

If he maintains his performance level from last season, Luka Modric will receive a second one-year contract extension, according to Diario AS.

Last season, Modric was a major hero for Real Madrid after helping the club win the Champions League once more. Despite being quite “hard” of age, this 1985 midfielder still proved to be extremely energetic and effective. 


The legendary Croatian player participated in 45 games last season, recording 3 goals and 12 assists. Don’t forget that Modric will be 37 the following month. In the most recent Champions League final, Modric played outstandingly to support the home team defeat Liverpool despite the British player designing an overwhelming game. Given what has been demonstrated, Modric’s reward of a new deal is wholly justified.


Modric has played in Spain for the entire 10 years since switching from Tottenham to Real. He participated in 436 games, scored 31 goals, and took home 19 major and minor championships with the white squad. There are five Champions League championships among them (won in the following seasons: 2021–2022, 2013–14, 2015–16, 2016–17, and 2017–18).


Modric still appears to be in excellent condition this year and doesn’t appear to be a guy who just wants to sit on the bench. 

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