AMAs 2022 results: BTS wins the 5th consecutive American Music Awards, dominating new category

Soompi reported, on November 20 (local time), the AMAs announced BTS as the winner of the Favorite KPop Artist award – a new category added to this year’s AMAs.

Meanwhile, other artists nominated for this category are BlackPink, Seventeen, TXT and TWICE, but could not surpass 7 boys.

Earlier, the AMAs also announced that BTS had won the award for Favorite Pop Duo or Group (Favorite Pop Duo or Group), making the group the first artist in AMAs history to win this award 4 times. consecutive .

Prior to the announcement, the previous records for Most Favorite Pop Duo or Group wins belonged to BTS, Aerosmith, The Black Eyed Peas, Hall & Oates and One Direction. All of them have won this award 3 times.

Jungkook – BTS set a record with the song World Cup 2022 – “Dreamers”

BTS’ Jungkook  is dominating iTunes charts globally with the official song for the 2022 FIFA World Cup – “Dreamers”.

The Herald Economy reported that on the afternoon of November 20,  Jungkook released a new solo single “Dreamers”, which is also the theme song of this year’s World Cup.

On the same evening, the youngest BTS member stirred up the atmosphere of the 2022 World Cup opening ceremony in Qatar with the newly released song. “Dreamers” has a vibrant melody and lyrics that support the spirit of the teams participating in the World Cup: “We are dreamers, let’s make dreams come true, because we can. “.

Immediately after its release, “Dreamers” topped iTunes charts in many countries around the world. Specifically, just 13 hours after its initial release, this single reached number 1 on the iTunes Top Songs chart in at least 102 different regions, including 8 of the world’s largest music markets: United States, United Kingdom, Japan, France, Canada, Australia, Germany and Italy.

“Dreamers” also set a new record for fastest FIFA World Cup official song to reach number one on the iTunes Top Songs chart in the United States – the song took just 2 hours and 11 minutes to top the chart.

In the near future, the song is expected to make many new achievements thanks to the charm of the BTS member as well as the heat of the 2022 World Cup.

Nearly 49 million times of mentioning Jungkook’s name (BTS) thanks to the opening performance of the World Cup

TPO – Singer Jung Kook (BTS) is the only artist with a solo stage at the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Qatar. The performance of the 25-year-old vocalist became the most discussed entertainment topic on social networks on November 20.

On the evening of November 20, Jung Kook (BTS) performed the song ” Dreamers ” at the opening ceremony of the World Cup at Al Bayt Stadium, Qatar with a capacity of 60,000 spectators. Photo: Getty.

Jung Kook was the only artist with a solo stage in the event. At the end of the performance, he collaborated with the host country singer Fahad Al-Kubaisi. The song has a vibrant melody, depicting the spirit of conquering the dream, and is considered catchy and easy to listen to.  Photo: Twitter.

“Let’s see who we are / We are dreamers / We will make our dreams come true / Because we believe in it with all our hearts”, Dreamers lyrics by BTS maknae show. Photo: Squawka News.

This is one of the official songs of the 2022 World Cup. The MV was released on November 22 through FIFA’s media channel.  Photo: Squawka News.

His performance became the hottest topic of the opening ceremony discussed on social networks. Thanks to the World Cup effect, within 24 hours, Jungkook got 48.8 million mentions and 126 million interactions, according to measurement data from Twitter.  Photo: Twitter.

Former Argentina striker Sergio Aguero posted a video of the opening ceremony and praised Jungkook for dancing well.  Photo: Getty.

The stage of the male idol born in 1997 climbed straight to the first place on Hot Search Weibo and the top 2 in the total table after the opening performance of the 2022 World Cup with more than 4 million searches. Chinese audiences praised Jungkook’s ability to sing live and master the stage.  Photo: Twitter.

In his home country of Korea, netizens likened Jung Kook’s career to being as perfect as in a novel because at the age of 25 he has achieved glorious achievements that many people dream of, such as becoming the youngest person to win the Cultural Medal. , was appointed Special Envoy to the President, received the Grammy nomination for the second time…  Photo: Twitter.

A day earlier, the main vocalist of BTS visited to support the Korean national team in Doha, Qatar. The BTS member greeted the players for about 5 minutes and took a group photo.  Photo: Getty.