Amazing things about Bruno Fernandes 2

He fell in love with Ronaldinho before becoming a supporter of Ronaldo 😇

Although Fernandes has openly professed his love for former Manchester United colleague Cristiano Ronaldo, few are aware that the Portuguese international first rooted for Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho.

In an interview, Fernandes previously remarked that Ronaldinho was the first player he enjoyed watching as a child.

“He possessed a type of magic that no one else possessed. He worked in this manner every day. The way he approached each game and his ability to give his all at a high level.

Following Ronaldinho’s retirement, Fernandes focused exclusively on his Portuguese teammate Cristiano Ronaldo, who was breαking records all across Europe.

When Ronaldo returned to Manchester United for a second term in 2021, the 28-year-old also had the chance to play alongside him at Old Trafford.

The former Real Madrid player was transferred to Al-Nassr after a somewhat public altercation with the Red Devils, but the pair continue to work their magic for A Seleço.

Had a poster of a former Man City midfielder in his room 👀

Former midfielder Stephen Ireland spent five years with the Sky Blues after leaving Manchester City.

Despite numerous well-known setbacks, the Irish center-back was able to win over Bruno Fernandes, a little kid from Portugal. Bruno, the captain of his previous club’s arch-rivals, has a poster of the 36-year-old up in his room, which may come as a shσck to some fans.

Ireland was stᴜnnҽd to learn of these fαcts because the midfielder even signed the former Irish international while participating in the popular game Football Manager.

Ireland rҽvealed to The Athletic that he had a poster of her when they were both children. He claimed that he constantly signed me when he played Football Manager.

“You had me on a poster? I was shσcked. And on a serious note, you hired me for Football Manager? Really, how bizarre is that? Ireland enquired after hearing the news,

A loyal Red Devils fan 😈

Like many other Portuguese teenagers at Sporting Lisbon, Fernandes saw his fellow countryman Cristiano Ronaldo achieve success while playing for Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United team at Old Trafford.

The youthful playmaker soon limited his club loyalties to the Red Devils after seeing the five-time Ballon d’Or winner develop into an unstoppable goalscoring juggernaut.

When he found out he will eventually join United in January 2020 from Sporting Lisbon for a whopping €55m, the midfield maestro allegedly broke down in tears of ecstasy.

An angry Fernandes once tore up his Sporting contract 📰✂

A group of 50 fans broke into the team’s practice facility and attacked the players after Sporting Lisbon was disqualified from the 2018 UEFA Champions League. Following this incident, Bruno and several other footballers tore up their contracts.

The unsettling episode that resulted in Dutch forward Bas Dost being hurt and their changing room being trashed left Fernandes, along with nine other players, in disbelief.

The 23-year-old returned to the Portuguese powerhouses a month after the incident with the other players to sign a new contract with the Green and Whites. As Fernandes signed a contract until 2023 with an eye-watering €100 million release clause, the club assured increased security and safety for the players and their loved ones.

Setting multiple records in Portugal

Prior to signing a lucrative contract with Manchester United in January 2020, Fernandes established himself as a midfielder for Sporting Lisbon. The midfield wizard broke records in the 2018–19 season by scoring 32 goals and collecting 18 assists in 53 games.

Although Fernandes’ assist total may not have sᴜrprised many people, the quantity of goals he scored while playing as a midfielder was astounding. He broke Antonio Oliveria’s record for most goals scored by a midfielder in a single season for a club and won the prize for most goals scored by a midfielder in a calendar year in European football history.