Amazing things about Bruno Fernandes 3

A family of football fanatics 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

Fernandes supported Porto because his mother was a supporter of the team. He was born in Maia, Porto Metropolitan Area.

Since he was a small child, he has played football on the crowded streets of Porto with his older brother Ricardo, a competitive football player himself. Like his mother, Bruno’s father was an avid sports lover.

Actually, Bruno Fernandes’ father was a football player who didn’t succeed.

The current midfielder for the Red Devils must have received a ton of praise for what he has accomplished in a family where playing football is in everyone’s blσσd.

Gives back to society 🆘

Fernandes is well known for his altruistic efforts and has taken part in a number of programmes to aid disadvantaged kids in Portugal.

His donations have gone to a number of philanthropic organizations and institutions, including Casa Ronald McDonald, which provides housing to families with seriously ill children, and Make-A-Wish Portugal.

The 28-year-old has contributed not just financial resources but also his time and skills to these causes. He has interacted with children in classrooms and orphanages, and he has participated in fundraisers and auctions to raise money for various causes.

The United sorcerer took part in a lot of initiatives to help individuals affected by the COVID-19 σutbrҽak, including donating supplies and equipment for medical care to institutions and aiding in relief efforts.

Aspiring to become a businessman 

He finished his business coursework at the University of Porto while pursuing his football career. The midfielder has frequently discussed the importance of education and how it has helped him in both his professional and personal lives.

He has also expressed a wish to continue his education in the coming years and a goal to work in business after finishing his career as a football player. The athlete has also expressed interest in starting his own company when he decides to hang up his boots.

Learnt Italian all by himself 🔠

The midfielder for Manchester United spent nearly five years in Italy, splitting his time between Novara, Sampdoria, and Udinese. Novara, who signed the midfielder when he was just 17 years old, was the team that first made Fernandes known in Italy.

The adolescent was a powerful playmaker, but she had trouble adjusting to her new environment and missed home. His inability to speak Italian was the largest obstacle, but his tenacity and diligence helped him overcome it.

In order to learn Italian more quickly, Fernandes would frequently identify the furniture in his room with the Italian names for the items, such as the chair, table, and desk. The centre player picked up the language quickly after starting to play for the Serie B team.

The ex-Sporting player is proficient in Spanish, English, and has a basic command of French.

A nickname that’s stuck until now 🧅

Bruno Fernandes was given the moniker “Cebolinha” (which translates to “little onion” in Portuguese) as a young child because of his little stature and slim frame. This nickname from his early years has grown legendary among football fans; some still call him “Cebolinha” now.

At both the club and international levels, the Portuguese playmaker has excelled as a football player.

A fan of music 🎸🎵

Fernandes is renowned for his love of music. He shared his love of rap music on social media, and in 2020, he even worked with the Portuguese musician Valete to create a rap song.

The Red Devils’ prodigy has also been seen playing the guitar and performing on his digital platforms, showcasing his musical talent.

Even in interviews, he has talked about how music helps him focus and relax, and he usually plays music before games to put her in the correct frame of mind. It follows that music plays a vital role in his life, both on and off the pitch.