Ancelotti identified the name to inherit the trio of ‘Bermuda’ at Real 

Coach Ancelotti believes patience will help him become the future of Real Madrid.

Carlo Ancelotti had the opportunity to assess the caliber of his team’s players and have one-on-one conversations with the majority of them during Real Madrid’s training trip of the US.

Through private chats between him and his students, Coach Ancelotti has divulged his strategy. The commander of the Italian military offered each participant serious counsel. The Real Madrid captain, in particular, respects and believes in Camavinga.


Real Madrid has swiftly elevated Eduardo Camavinga to the status of a supersub. Practice demonstrates how crucial his function is. Not just in La Liga, but also in the Champions League competition, a player under the age of 19 has found success. 

Camavinga has frequently entered the game from the bench and altered the entire team’s performance. Every time Real Madrid is in a rut, it feels like the French midfielder has the key to unlocking a new door.


The player “number 25” demonstrates that he has the talent to contribute to the team over the long run by having excellent ball-handling abilities and the flawless ability to lift the ball up.

Coach Ancelotti is prepared to give Camavinga greater playing time in the 2022–23 season because he is aware of this. The French midfielder hopes to see Real Madrid’s goal celebration. 


However, the trio of Kroos, Casemiro and Modric are still too strong and solid in the midfield. Therefore, it is really difficult for Camavinga to have a starting position at Los Blancos. That’s why coach Ancelotti advised Camavinga to be patient and calm. The Italian leader is aware that the French midfielder is an important player, he is ready to give the player born in 2002 the starting position if he plays more mature in the future. 

At Real Madrid, Valverde is a shining example of perseverance and waiting. The Uruguayan has agreed to spend several seasons on the sidelines. Under coach Ancelotti, he has now demonstrated his caliber.


Prior to that, Valverde had both good and bad times, but he consistently waited for his chance and seized it. The team’s nail games right now are mostly focused on “The Falcon.” Even during the preseason, he sported the headband.

Eduardo Camavinga should take Federico Valverde’s example and not Martin Odegaard, in Carlo Ancelotti’s aspirations. Under Zinedine Zidane, the Norwegian midfielder has often wanted to quit Real Madrid due to his lack of patience.

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