Ancelotti’s unspeakable obsession

Carlo Ancelotti is a great coach, with a huge collection of trophies. However, the Italian leader is often caught in the unsuccessful second season with the team he leads.

Carlo Ancelotti was incredibly successful during his first season at Real Madrid, as you may recall. The Italian tactician assisted the Royal squad in winning the King’s Cup and Champions League in the Royal team’s inaugural season at the Bernabeu in 2013–14. At the time, Florentino Perez, the team’s president, said he trusted Ancelotti to continue the home team’s success in both local and international competitions. 

But Ancelotti got fired just after the second season concluded. President Perez’s polite comment, “Carlo Ancelotti is really excellent, but we are sorry,” failed to address the country’s boot-shaped leader’s shortcomings. Real Madrid under Ancelotti only finished second in La Liga in the 2014–15 season, 2 points behind Barça, and lost to Juventus in the semifinals of the Champions League. 


In this return to Real Madrid, Ancelotti also had a dream start. In the 2021/22 season, the 63-year-old strategist once again brought the white shirt team to the top of Europe with a 1-0 victory over Liverpool in the final. At the same time, Real Madrid won the La Liga championship with a superiority over the rest. Along with the team being strengthened with quality contracts in this year’s summer market, in theory Real Madrid has a chance to win in all competitions. 

Ancelotti, meanwhile, is presumably still suffering from his fixation over his second season’s failure. Nobody can guarantee that the Italian coach will continue to assist the Royal club in winning games this season because anything may happen in football. It must be highlighted that Barca and Atletico Madrid are both actively seeking new players in La Liga as they consider ousting Real Madrid. Meanwhile, prominent teams like Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, or Bayern Munich have made significant investments this summer to rule the Champions League arena. 


Not only at Real Madrid but in the past, Ancelotti also suffered many painful defeats in the second season. That was when he was also leading Juventus and Chelsea. The strange thing is that this kind of “rebound wealth” often occurs at the most unexpected times, when Ancelotti’s army is still proud of the successes of the previous season.

In an interview not long ago, president Perez affirmed that he has great confidence in Ancelotti and hopes that the dominance of the Royal team will last under the general control of the strategist. Italia. But Ancelotti is probably very “absorbed” with words like that of Perez from his previous tenure. He was smart enough to understand that the Bernabeu has no place for losers, even though that person was once a god of Real Madrid. 


Real Madrid will enter the new season, with the task of successfully defending the La Liga and Champions League titles, with the European Super Cup match against Frankfurt tonight in Helsinki (Finland). The German team was judged by experts to be much worse than Ancelotti’s army. Therefore, the possibility of Real winning the cup is very large. Frankfurt can hardly prevent Ancelotti from surpassing Pep Guardiola to become the coach who won the most European Super Cups in history.

But even if Real Madrid won the European Super Cup, that would say nothing about Ancelotti’s fate. Whether he can overcome the failure of the second season or not needs to wait for time to answer. At this time, the Italian strategist is trying to boost the morale of his students. In an interview not long ago, he even confidently stated that with the current squad, Real Madrid does not need to buy more strikers to achieve success. 


Naturally, Ancelotti struggled in the second season, as he never has with a squad that has ever been in the lead. He added several honorable championships to his trophy case by heading Milan and PSG at this period. his enormous library of books. Who knows, maybe Ancelotti’s fortunes may alter after this reunion with Real Madrid. The white shirt squad will become an unstoppable force both domestically and globally as a result, thanks to the Italian tactician, for many years to come! 

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