Rеvеal anthropology of visuals BTS Jin, V, and Jungkook

BTS is currently one of the leading success symbols in the K-pop industry.

Fans are particularly taken with the three stunning faces of the group, Jin, V, and Jungkook.

V, Jungkook and Jin (from left to right)

Therefore, the 3 members mentioned above have been analyzed by a horoscope expert to evaluate their success path.

Accordingly, professor Kim Dong Wan of Dongguk University, Seoul (Korea) published a book on psychology. Known as an expert in the field of psychology and the study of horoscopes, Professor Kim offers his analysis on how facial features affect destiny.

Professor Kim Dong Wan’s newly released book cover

He said that characteristics such as face shape, skin pigmentation … all show the characteristics of a person’s personality, capacity and leadership.

First, as геvеаled from the book’s introduction, Professor Kim mentioned the two youngest members of the group, V and Jungkook.

He pointed out that both of them possess a type of eyebrow called “cheongsumi” – an anthropological trait that suggests they can be famous and become rich at a very young age.

The “cheongsumi” eyebrow style is an elongated, slightly curved eyebrow shape and the eyebrow tail pulls over the temple.

The owner of such eyebrows will bring a delicate and bright feeling on the face. Anthropology says they are smart people and will soon succeed at a young age.

In addition, V and Jungkook are also said to have looks that show how to treat people in harmony, valuing family and brotherly affection.

Such people will also soon lead a wealthy life, inclined to pursue the fields of art and literature.

On the other hand, Professor Kim also mentioned the appearance of the oldest member of BTS.

According to him, Jin has clear and straight deer eyes, neat and tidy lines.

This is the type of appearance that brings peace, happiness and wealth. In particular, it also shows that Jin is a person who always lives with enthusiasm and always sees things in the most positive way.