Antifan gloated when he found out that Ed Sheeran’s manager didn’t like Taylor Swift

The manager's actions inadvertently put Ed Sheeran in a difficult position.

Existing friendships in a world as diverse as showbiz is extraordinary, not to mention a friendship of the opposite sex. Therefore, the friendship between  Taylor Swift  and Ed Sheeran is likened to an ‘exception’ in a world full of scandals and scandals. It is also because of this that the recent actions of Stuart Camp – Ed Sheeran’s longtime manager, have been criticized for affecting the good relationship of the two stars.


Specifically, recently many people suddenly discovered that  Stuart had ‘dropped his heart’ in a post ‘kicking’ Taylor Swift on Instagram with the question: “Why did The Weeknd sing about his ex-love when he was praised while Taylor was praised. Swift did the same and got criticized’. Below, one person replied: “Because we hate Taylor Swift.”


People quickly discussed the appearance of Stuart Camp in the post. Someone sarcastically commented: “I see, and he’s not the only one.” Another wrote: “The Weeknd only sings about one ex while Taylor Swift has dozens. We’re tired of hearing her complain.”


Taylor Swift used to be famous as a star with a wide relationship and many friends in showbiz. However, besides that, there were also many people who expressed their hatred for her openly for all kinds of reasons. From ex-boyfriends to colleagues, from men to women, there are artists who openly express their opposition to Taylor. However, even a ‘family member’ like Stuart would act like this, it’s very worrying.


Stuart Camp – Ed Sheeran’s manager (first, from left)

The action of  Stuart Camp has made fans question whether Ed Sheeran will fire his ‘right hand’ or not?. Indeed, the male singer is being put in a difficult position in this case.

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