Argentina team had to ‘break the rules’ after losing to Saudi Arabia

The Argentina team had to break the rules after losing to Saudi Arabia – Photo 1.The morning after the match against Saudi Arabia, Argentina invited the players’ relatives to visit the team headquarters on the campus of Qatar University. Through this meeting, the coaching staff hoped that the players would regain their balance after the ꜱhock that Messi had to admit that “it brought our mentality to the bottom”.

It is known that many members of the team proposed to meet their wives and girlfriends to find a mental fulcrum, thereby clearing their minds after a forgettable debut. Therefore, the coaching staff of this team had to accept ƅreaking the rules. Before that, like many other teams, Argentina’s headquarters also said no to the family and relatives of the player during the World Cup.

And right after a relaxing morning, the Argentina team returned to practice, but at the closed training ground, did not receive the media. TyC Sports confirmed that besides psychotherapy, coach Scaloni also changed many positions, especially in defense and midfield.

Argentina team had to break the rules after losing to Saudi Arabia – Photo 2.The disappointment of Messi and his teammates, besides the indescribable joy of the Saudi Arabian player

It is likely that the next match, Lisandro Martínez, Enzo Fernandez and Alexis Mac Allister will start from the start instead of the substitutes like the previous game. These are also 3 players who have played very well since coming on as a substitute against Saudi Arabia.

In the remaining two matches against two difficult opponents, Mexico and Poland, the Argentina team will have to be determined to “makeover” instead of a stalemate like the last defeat, because they are under pressure to win in order to open up opportunities. association goes on. Captain Messi, in the latest statement, expressed this: “Let everyone believe that this team will not lose faith.

We will look for opportunities in the remaining two games. It’s up to us to win or lose in those two games, we know we have an obligation to improve.”

Argentina: The mess around Messi

Argentina started the 2022 World Cup with a 1-2 loss to Saudi Arabia, with a messy squad that relied heavily on Messi.Lionel Messi hastily made his debut in Qatar. He stepped onto the Lusail Iconic field, the venue for the 2022 World Cup final, earlier than the Saudi captain and didn’t take up to 2 minutes to make a shot that forced the opponent’s goalkeeper to work hard to block.

Just 10 minutes after the ball rolled, he scored the opening goal. That start seems designed to fatten Argentina’s store of victories and unparalleled records for Messi.

No record for Messi’s Argentina”La Albiceleste” is confident about the 37th unbeaten match in a row, equaling the record in the history of world football of Italy. Messi himself became the fifth player to score in four World Cups after Pele, Uwe Seeler, Klose and Cristiano Ronaldo.

People bet on what minute of the game Messi’s second goal will arrive, while Saudi Arabia tries to deploy the defense of the area to prevent Argentina’s core play.

Everything turned around after the break. Saudi Arabia scored 2 goals in a row, both very beautiful, with only 2 accurate shots from the beginning of the match (the whole match they only had 3 shots).

From being full of optimism, Argentina became pessimistic when they lost 1-2 to Saudi Arabia. Used to winning, Lionel Scaloni’s army did not know how to play when it was at a disadvantage. The players are stiff, do not lift their spirits, are weak and desperate.

There is no collective or individual response to Messi as a patient suffering from a cold caused by climate change. Leo’s game slowed down, he started to lose the ball and his shots were inaccurate.

Messi becomes cumbersome, many redundant moves at the end of the gameThe two faces of Messi in a match, noisy and then sunk into oblivion, reappeared in Argentina.

The Argentina captain has not been prepared to react if the game goes badly, since being crowned Copa America king at the Maracana football stadium last summer.

The man from Rosario ended the match sadly in the Saudi Arabia penalty area. He couldn’t even ꜱhoot when the opponent’s goal was empty. Instead, he was entangled in a series of dribbles that caused himself to be blocked by blue shirts.

Messi lowered his head to see where the ball was. Gradually he gave up, in contrast to the excitement of the early game that almost everyone thought of a new victory for Argentina.

Argentina believes itself to be invincible when it comes to building a team for Messi, as if they feel indebted to number 10, instead of asking the captain what specifically he wants.

Messi’s emotions will determine Argentina’s outcome at the World CupThis leads to an Argentina dependent on Messi and full of chaos. Scaloni using satellites around Leo are all low-level players at his club, playing very little since the beginning of the season and not at their best.

Now, no one knows what Messi will do in his last chance to win the World Cup. That ᴜnexpected defeat will awaken the outstanding quality of “La Pulga”, arouse rage in front of goal, or awaken another Leo who has bowed in many major tournaments with Argentina as well as his former club Barcelon ?

Time will tell, when Argentina plays Mexico on November 26. But for the extreme fans of the country of tango, they think “La Albiceleste” needs to rekindle the great Diego Maradona in the World Cup.

Argentina’s fortunes depend on Messi’s emotions. Not running or walking, but whether he arrived at the right time in key situations in front of goal.