ARMY shows love to BTS’ Jin on his military enlistment day in the most epic way

Jin will be the first BTS member to walk through the military training center’s gates on December 13th.

For the next 18 months, the idol will be absent from the stage. Taking inspiration from this brief separation, the singer wrote the nostalgic lyrics for “The Astronaut.” “Safe trip for our astronaut,” one of the Һot words on Twitter, but hashtags aren’t the only way for fans to show their support.

Korean idol admirers organized a special endeavor to support the artist during his military duty. With the necessary permits, 53 banners were erected near the entrance to the Jin recruitment center. With phrases such as:

I promise to support Seokjin for the rest of my life

Seokjin will always be our brightest star

We love you, our universe Seokjin

We will support you forever Jin

The farewell to Jin is the first of seven similar moments for the BTS fandom. It will now take until 2025 for the boy band’s OT7 lineup to rejoin like before.

Hundreds of police officers were dispatched to the location where Jin (BTS) enlisted

In Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi-do, the 5th Infantry Division’s Key Recruit Training Center received about 270 police officers.

On the afternoon of December 13, Jin enlisted here.

Jin (actual name Kim Seok Jin) of BTS formally enrolled in the army on December 13, according to Maekyung newspaper.

In Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi-do, the male vocalist entered the 5th Infantry Division’s Key Recruit Training Center.

Jin became an active-duty soldier in the army after completing basic military training for 5 weeks.

The expected date of discharge is June 12, 2024.

Maekyung claims that the training center has its own parking area for incoming recruits.

As a result, Jin and BTS members drove through the center’s entrance rather than stopping to meet supporters.

Big Hit Music, BTS’ management organization, requested fans not to visit the facility before Jin enlisted in the army for safety reasons.

Despite the chilly and snowy conditions, a big number of supporters gathered to see their idols off. They held banners wishing Jin and the soldiers success. Throughout the training center, banners were displayed.

Jin’s enlistment has been properly planned by the army, police, fire department, and municipal authorities.

They even send a situational team outside Shinkyo University’s main gate to cope with emergencies and ᴜnexpected events.

In addition, 270 гiot police officers from three squads were rushed to the scene.

At the scene, the fire department also prepared an ambulance.

The management company reportedly deployed dozens of employees and bodyguards to safeguard Jin on the day of his enlistment, according to Joynews24.

Whether or not BTS has been excused from military service has been a source of contention all year. BTS members are suggested to be spared from military service due to their contributions to the music industry, tourism, and the economy. However, this is debatable. BTS’s company stated on November 4 that the members would join in the army and stop activity until at least 2025.

Jin is the first member of BTS to join the military.

The male singer was born in 1992 and is the group’s oldest member.

After Jin, Suga is the second member of BTS to serve in the military, albeit only in the community service category due to a left shoulder ailment.

Previously, the Ministry of National Defense said that it will offer opportunities for members to rejoin and play at national and public events.