ARMYs are concerned about Jungkook performing at the World Cup 2022 for this reason

Jungkook of BTS will appear during the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony’s musical performance, BIG HIT Music just confirmed.

However, a number of issues heightened unrest in this nation, raising concerns about his safety on the part of the ARMY. In addition, ARMY is concerned about the motive behind the government’s invitation of Jungkook to perform here.

Jungkook traveled to Qatar in October to ꜱhoot footage for a forthcoming project. Many people think that Jungkook shot the World Cup MV. The amount of local and international media coverage of Jungkook’s travel to Qatar has skyrocketed.

Then, earlier this month, Big Hit Music made it official that Jungkook will play at the opening ceremony of the 2022 World Cup. The statement from Big Hit Music states that: “We are proud to announce that Jungkook is participating in the theme song for the 2022 World Cup Qatar, which he will perform during the opening ceremony“.

His participation has increased the intrigue of the occasion more than ever, even if no more information has been made available regarding the title song that will be published. With all the anticipation surrounding Jungkook’s return to the stadium with over 60,000 people and a spectacular opening, ARMYs are voicing worries about the political and security situations occurring in our nation.

There were some worries about Jungkook’s safety when he arrived in this fragile political and legal environment. Not only that, but ARMYs are concerned for Jungkook’s safety when performing alone here due to the risky behaviors that occur around large events like the World Cup. To safeguard him, Big Hit Music and the World Cup must step up security.

In addition, when Qatar prepared to host the 2022 World Cup final, it was reportedly met with a great deal of opposition from the UN and UNICEF. When a country employs more than 6,500 people, Qatar is charged with grave human rights abuses. South Asian immigrants have lost their lives since arriving in Qatar to work on World Cup construction. When other Ԁead workers from other nationalities are taken into account, along with data from the end of 2020 to the present, this number could be even higher.

The World Cup host nation of Qatar is also viewed by football fans as being unfriendly, unwelcoming, and having strict laws. Many worry that Jungkook will be negatively impacted by Qatar’s event because he is currently the Unicef ambassador and has been invited to speak at the UN.

Others also expressed worry that the agencies had forced Jungkook to attend the event in order to profit financially. Finally, a lot of people still wish that Jungkook would perform here in a more secure manner than ever!

A stewardess once shared this adorable anecdote about BTS’s Jungkook on a plane

It is common knowledge that BTS is among the most modest and gentle celebrities out there. The appreciation was solidified by yet another tale about Jungkook from a stewardess.

The stewardess’ blog was where the story first appeared before it was repeated on neighborhood websites. She is an ARMY, the stewardess claims. Naturally, she kept an eye on him from time to time to see if he would be dozing off during the journey. Instead of sleeping, Jungkook watched a movie while sporting his recognizable sparkling eyes. She used the image below as a guide.


Back then, Jungkook had long hair and no makeup. He politely declined her invitation to partake in his meal by waving his hands in the air. Her response? I ᴡanted to ꜱmash everything I saw because he was so adorable!

Later, he was observed patiently waiting for his supper and even setting his table ahead of time. As she placed his tray, the hostess made an effort to maintain her composure. As he apologized for changing his mind about the dish, Jungkook giggled as well.

As they kept swapping bows, they also engaged in the infamous “bowing figҺt.” He was the only passenger she had seen who was this courteous, she said, heaping compliments on him.

She praised him for his impeccable demeanor and attitude toward the waiting staff before calling him an absolute angel. It appears that what people say about the BTS members’ straightforward personalities is accurate.