ARMYs express concern about BTS’s Jin’s eating habits in the army

On December 13, Jin BTS enlisted in the training camp of the 35th Infantry Brigade of the Army’s 5th Division in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province.

When the news that Jin would undergo basic military training for 5 weeks here was spread, fans left a lot of messages on the public military communication service The Camp.

It is known that The Camp is a company that provides various services to soldiers and their families before enlistment, both during military service and after discharge. However, The Camp has nothing to do with the military junta.

After Jin BTS enlisted in the army, many posts asking about the male idol’s health appeared on the 5th Division’s free message board on The Camp.

In it, many posts read, “Do soldiers often eat dishes with potatoes, garlic and fish on their menu? Kim Seok Jin is allergic to those foods. I want to ask if How often does the military eat such dishes?”

Fans are worried because Jin is allergic to potatoes, garlic and fish

Recently, the community manager of the 5th Division (where Jin BTS enlisted) gave a response to fans’ questions about the male idol’s diet: “He’s not a student. preschoolers! But the military understands allergies and health issues. That’s why we control the diets of our soldiers.”

The families of some soldiers also expressed displeasure at the many posts worrying about Jin. A series of comments were left like “Who is Kim Seok Jin? Why is this person flooding the bulletin board? Do you know the word ‘moderate’?”.

Posts about Jin repeatedly appearing on The Camp upset the families of the soldiers

This is so upsetting. This is where all the families whose sons are sent to the military are praying for their safety and comforting each other, so please don’t post things like that. this”.

“Don’t go to a place that isn’t even a fancafe for fans and start posting like that.”

The 5th Division community manager finally opened a separate bulletin board called “BTS Jin ARMY”, gathered fans together and posted a notice: “The Camp of the 5th Division is the place for for brothers who are serving or discharged here and newly enlisted soldiers with family and friends to comfort, encourage and support each other.

The 5th Division had to open a separate bulletin board about Jin due to the amount of messages from ARMY causing the message board to be overloaded

“I am also the father of a son who served in the 5th Division. Our camp provides alimony, lunch and snacks at a location near the unit for cadets whose parents or friends cannot attend the ceremony at the training camp.”

This person also listed some requests for BTS fans. First of all, he emphasized, “Stop sending letters of encouragement online. That’s because other soldiers in training or those who enlisted on the same day as Jin may not receive letters from parents and friends. their friends in time if the server goes down due to too many visitors”.

The manager also told fans about not sending handwritten letters or gifts: “If too many letters are sent to the training camp, it can cause trouble for the people in charge as they are already overwhelmed with work and also training.

Finally, he made a personal suggestion to fans to use Weverse to contact Jin instead of sending letters of encouragement through The Camp: “I am on behalf of the parents who are also worried about their children. their son in this training center, I hope you can communicate freely and share news about BTS at Weserve I hope fans can show their support for idols in a way mature”.