ARMY’s hearts were broken after finding out where BTS Jin will serve in the military

After much discussion on the enlisting of BTS members, Jin will at long last officially join soon. ARMYs are happy to see Jin complete his mission and have been psychologically prepared themselves to be apart from him for a long.

Jin’s revelation a few hours ago, however, shocked the ARMY by revealing that Jin’s window of opportunity to enroll is narrow. Jin also disclosed the location of his military duty.

When they discovered how painful Jin’s enrollment was, some ARMYs who had learnt about this location promptly broke down in tears.

Big Hit Music announced that the BTS members would enlist in the army in the middle of October, and Jin was the first to carry out the service. Jin also submitted a request to cancel the postponement of his enlistment at the beginning of this month and will now follow the Military Manpower Administration’s regulations for the enlistment process.

The fаct that Jin will shortly enlist at the end of this month or early next month is one piece of ƅreaking news that makes ARMY even more painful. Since Jin didn’t have much time to spend with himself and his family before leaving home for a while, the need to enroll will be pressing.

The ARMYs are also very sorry that Jin won’t be able to join in on the celebrations this year because he will be joining up before his birthday. Jin shared this in response to the query that:  “Oppa, your birthday is next month, are you excited?”

Jin then gave an answer that broke ARMY’s heart:  “No.. I’m up on the front line”.

Additionally, numerous ARMYs immediately searched up the location Jin described – (the front line). And after learning the 𝔱ruth, the ARMYs were devastated to realize that Jin’s recruitment doesn’t appear to be straightforward and that he will soon face a very terrible winter.

In the Korean Army, the front line specifically refers to Gyeonggi-do and northern Gangwon-do. Area near or next to the main front line that would serve as the border in a ϲonflict. The Forward Edge of Battle Area is meant by this (FEBA). Because it snows so much there, it is a cold place where you must remove snow every day.

Because the position is so crucial in military settings, that is where you have to be on your most alert. And it’s the coldest location. Since October, snow has fallen in Gangwon-do. Snow will continue until April. Jin must therefore endure the winter and snow for about six months.

When you turn around after clearing the snow, it is a well-known location where it is re-piled. However, there is one more thing that can give you some solace: the soldier’s lunch will be good despite the challenging living conditions. Additionally, depending on the camp, it may be difficult to рurchase snacks and beverages due to a lack of a PX and inadequate supply. As a result, a supply known as the “golden wagon” occasionally arrives.

I was truly saddened to learn that Jin had to work and serve in the military in such severe winter weather. Everyone can only hope that this winter will be milder and end sooner so that Jin can complete his military service in good health:

– ouch it hurts…

– Hope all goes| well with him.

– my heart hurts.. I want to protect him :((

– My december seems not good this year

– He goes and my heart is broken down into many pieces

– My tears can’t hold

– I really hope he can take care himself


– Man this hurts so bad

– everything hurts istg take me pls don’t leave seokjin I’ll dye

– Please GOD takes care of him

– I wish i could turn myself into a belly warmer so he wont get cold