Arsenal are being rewarded for their patience

The dream start to this season with Arsenal is the result of patience and the right decisions.

Mikel Arteta is being rewarded by the patience of the  Arsenal leadership. They gave him 2 and a half years to explore, remake and discover new points for “Gunners”. The first two games of the season are completely won, coming in front of Arsenal are Bournemouth, Fulham and Aston Villa, the opportunity to win the next 9 points is within reach.

The Emirates Stadium team has added to the squad true Premier League champions such as Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko. When the duo of former Man City stars played, their teammates looked at them and knew, at least, how to play to be able to reach. Previously, when he was assistant to Pep Guardiola at Man City, Arteta also had a long time working with Jesus and Zinchenko, so the pace was faster.

When recruiting Jesus, technical director Edu said that being rejected somewhat in Man City with the appearance of Erling Haaland will make Jesus work harder to prove his worth. This has been true at least for now through the striker’s double goal against Leicester in the second round.


Need a goal just call Jesus. Photo: Arsenal FC

The transfer work of the “Gunners” is also delicate in that they find people like goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale. Regardless of the British star’s consecutive relegation with AFC Bournemouth and Sheffield United, Arsenal still brought Ramsdale back and made him the No. 1 “keeper”, eliminating Bernd Leno’s position.

Martin Odegaard is perhaps the most important of those brought to the Emirates. When loaned to Arsenal by Real Madrid, the Norwegian midfielder took the opportunity to express himself, not because he wanted a place at Los Blancos, he showed attachment from the statements with the red shirt – white to London. After the loan expired, Odegaard was bought by Arsenal and recently, he played the captain of this team at the age of 23. A well-deserved reward!


Arsenal’s great rookies. Photo: AFP

Those are just three of the useful stars Arteta has brought to the Emirates over the past two years. Besides, the fact that the “Gunners” are not complacent is something to feel, helping them to continuously develop and self-motivate. Despite hitting 4 goals against Leicester, letting the opponent concede twice is what makes Arteta unable to be satisfied, even somewhat annoyed.

Witnessing the teacher who is always so progressive, it is difficult for the players not to be dragged into that positive spin. Although Ramsdale caught well, as long as he did not clean a sheet, he could not be assured.

Last season’s top 4 were  Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham, Arsenal only won 6 points out of 8 matches against this group and landed in 5th place overall. Obviously, to break into the Top 4, the “Gunners” need to work harder and fortunately, they know who they need to beat to achieve the goal.


Arteta is on the right track. Photo: AFP

Tickets to the Champions League are the ultimate goal this season. If he got it, this would be like a championship trophy for Arteta.

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